Monday, January 15, 2018

Fire Hydrants

So I so don't have any time today to write although I want to write a bunch about my new area, but today i received so many birthday wishes that I'm so thankful for!!  I'm using all my time to respond back.

Anyway my new areas are Itaperi and Serrinha! The first few days in a new area is like drinking out of a fire hydrant (thanks Kyle for the analogy). Itaperi is amazing!!the Bispo called us up the first day and took us around to different members' homes and showed us where the lanhouse (internet cafe) is and the supermarket which was great. Then we went back to his house and ate ice cream with his fam!  My favorite!!  The next day and the rest of the week he had youth lined up to teach with us to help us around and show us how to get to recent converts' houses and then the second day he called us up and was like, "I'm going to meet up with you guys at 5 and go teaching with you all.  Which is great but also super intimidating because he's best friends with our mission president so you know all of everything that happens will be relayed back to our president, but it all went well and he is so nice. I haven't figured out who he reminds me of, but he reminds me of someone.  He also loves making street contacts which is awesome!!the other ala (ward) is a little more closed off so it's a little harder to find where things are. The old elders who lived here didn't really leave an area book, so it's just all on us to find people, but it's so fun because we don't know where anything is and our area is really big so there's so many people to talk to .  

We live right next to the airport and there's so many more main roads in our area.  We also live in a little more of a rich area, but there are still parts that are not so rich. But every road is paved and there are so many trees and one part looks like the Amazon!! which is really cool. I want to take a picture, but it's not super safe in that area so we'll save that for another day. heehe.

Our new apartment was disgusting when we arrived. The odor coming for inside was terrible, but the members were soo nice and helped us clean and now it's a lot better.  One lady in the Itaperi ward (Silvia) wants to serve a mission so badly so she's always ready to hep the missionaries which is awesome!!!

My comp is from Peru and is 22 years old.  This is her last transfer, well actually its her plus one transfer because she asked to stay one more transfer.  She's really nice and loves to hug.  She's also shorter than me.  Her accent is still pretty strong too, so it's really fun seeing who will understand us. Most people do, but there are a few that are like, "What are you saying??" And it's super funny when that happens because than we have to talk really slowly and say things a billion times, but it's all good.  

We also had an activity night with the wards and it was so fun!! We played a question game and my team lost, but it was still super fun with everyone dancing when they gained a point.  
Also, on Sunday a few of the members from my old ward visited me which was a fun surprise!  And the craziest thing that was awesome that happened was when our investigator Fransico showed up for  church. He was the last person that I thought would come to church because he was like, "No, I don't think I'll go, but maybe someday." And low and behold he showed up that day!! It was awesome! And he was so well received!!  I'm soo excited to see the miracles that the Lord has in store for us in this area!!  Heavenly Father loves us so much and blesses us so much everyday!! he is always there for us we just have to be ready and willing to accept his help.

Love you all sooo much!! Have a stupendous week!!! and thanks for the birthday wishes!!!  We're going to eat açaí to celebrate! And tomorrow a family invited us over for dinner to cellebrate my b-day, so it will be a great week!!! 

Sister Neuberger

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Coco e craziness

So late last night (missionary time haha like around 10:00) we got a call that I will be transferred to a new area tomorrow.  I will have a new comp and we get to open two areas!  It should be exciting and a lot to cover, but I hear the wards there are super amazing and really helpful so I'm excited though I am sad to leave my home and my family of the ala Jardim Uniao.  And to leave my comp because she's awesome, but I knew I would be transferred this next week anyway because I've been here in my area for about 9 months, but I'm still in shock with it all.  I know that with the Lord all things are possible and as we rely on him he will guide us and strengthen us and show us what we need to do.  Like in Luke 1:37 says that with God nothing is impossible and it's so true!! We can do all things and more with him because he will never leave us  we just have to ask for his help. 

Anyway, this week was great we had so many moments where we were like I think we need to go see this investigator and then they would end up not being home and we would be like wait why were we prompted to come see them if they aren’t home and then like 3 seconds later we would either run into another investigator of ours our we would meet a new person that needed to hear about the gospel in that moment and that God loves them. It was incredible.  It happened 4 times this week!!  And it was so amazing!! The spirit was so strong after we talked to them and we were just like, "Wow! It's all int the Lord's timing."

I also had cats follow me home two different days this week and I don’t know why haha.  Though we did end up saving a kitten that got stuck in a hole so that was cool.

We also get so much agua de coco (coconut water) that the guy now just laughs when we come and sometimes gives us free agua de coco so that’s awesome!!!!  #ifeellikemomatdierbergs

Love you all soo much!! Have a super great week!!

Sister Neuberger

Agua de Coco (can't be any fresher than this)

Quesedilla Fortaleza styl

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Feliz Ano Novo

So I don'have much time to write, but this week was great!!  New Years day and New
Years eve we spent most of our day going to our investigators' and recent converts' homes that
live alone to share some joyful new year spirit with them!  It was so fun and they all loved it.
also found out this week that here in Brasil cats only have 7 lives...rough stuff haha.

got to skype my family this week and it was so fun to hear from them, but it was even more
fun having them meet all these wonderful people that I know in Brasil that are my second family.
We even ate a watermelon afterwards to celebrate Natal (Christmas)! 

We are so close to baptizing Pedro, but it seems something always comes up on Sunday so he
can't get to church.But I think the coolest thing is that these last few weeks when he's asked to do
something that goes against a standard he tells the person,  "Sorry I can't because I dont do that anymore. My standards have changed."  So hopefullly with all this prep he’ll be ready to be baptized this week!!

was also called Sister Blueber this week and I had to restrain my laughter cause it was just so funny. My comp and I are still laughing about it.
Anyway with the new year that's arrived I think we always need to remember to be proactive and not reactive because if we are proactive everything that we are striving to achieve can become possible.
We have to act and be diligent and continue on reaching for our goals like Elder Holland said in a recent conference talk “we need to continue tryingtrustingbelieving, loving , and growing.  The heavens are rejoicing with our improvements todaytomorrow and forever.”  As we continue striving for those higher goals we will feel the love the Savior has for us as he continues to help us along the way.

love you all soo much!!! Have a  wonderful new year!!!

Sister Blueber hehe or Sister Neuberger

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Feliz Natal!

Feliz Natal!

We finally had the batismo of Daniel!  He is one of our long time investigators who loves coming to church, but he just didn't want to stop drinking café. However, this week we gave him more cevada (a warm drink made from grain) and he liked it and decided that his mom can make him that in the morning instead of coffee and so he was ready to be baptized.  We were all pumped for his baptism, but it was also the same night as the ward party (which by the way was like our normal Christmas sacrament meeting with the readings from the scriptures and singing and it was great).  So we had to wait till the ward party was over to have the baptism which almost didn't happen because of when the party ended.  So it was like the fastest baptism ever because we had to get home and we made it in casa with 30 seconds to spare. 

He was so happy!  And the coolest part was we had one of our returning members baptize him because he's been strong with coming to church and helping with different things.  Anyway he received the priesthood last week and he was able to baptize him.  Such a coool spiritual experience!!  He was so nervous but it all worked out! 

Christmas Eve we went around singing to random families we met on the street and shared a message about Christ with them. It was so fun and by the end we had a few of the youth in the ward join us it was fantastic!!!

Also on Christmas Eve and our presidente let us stay out till 10:00 and we got invited to so many places that we were booking it from one place to another and we ate so much food I thought I was going to explode but all of it was delicious!!!  And we got to be a part of various family traditions which was so fun. But the best was when we were invited to our investigators' house to celebrate with them and what we didn't know until we arrived was that they had prepared a 4 course meal for us, literally just us and their family.  So we let our stomachs rest a little and gave a little Christmas message to them and sang a few Christmas carols and watched the Light the World vídeo and woah the Spirit was so strong!!!  They just wanted to keep watching more of the vídeos about Natal (Christmas). It was fantastic! Then we began the feast and yeah I think I was just one bite away from exploding by the end, but it was all so good!! Turkey and other Brazilian dishes and pineapple sorbet!!  And chocolate cake!!!  It was delicious and a great way to end the night!!!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!! But also please remembered the true meaning of Christmas that it truly is about the birth of Christ. It is only through him that we have the chance to live with our families for eternity!!  I love reading Luke 2 today because it talks about the birth of Christ the best presente that we can receive. 

Merry Christmas!!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Neuberger

Monday, December 18, 2017

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

With Pres and Sis Leite
This week we had our missionary Christmas Conference.  It was fantastic!  For the first few hours we heard from President and his wife and a few other members and then we had a little break before we came back into the cultural hall and President surprised us by allowing us to watch "A Christmas Carol" which is always a good classic to bring in the Christmas season.  And we got to watch it in English which was slightly weird to hear so much English.  And then we had a great feast and listened to all the classic Christmas music and had some wonderful skits put on by each zone.

Anyway, besides that not much happened this week.  We made cookies with Erica and family which was so fun and her grandma said that my cookie making skills were good enough that I can get married now haha.  Actually, this was a big break through because usually her grandma is super closed off and doesn't talk to us. So I'm glad that cookies could be a good ice breaker!  

In the spirit of Christmas just one week away I wanted to share a scripture I love that really reminds us what the best gift we've been given is.  In 2 Nefi 19:6 he tells us about the prince of peace Jesus Christ.  He is the best gift we could ever receive because only through him can we live again with our families for eternity!!  And I am so thankful for this gift and I'm so glad I have a  chance to share it as all of us do!!  

Have a  Merry little Christmas!!

Sister Neuberger

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 11, 2017

We had the baptism of Andria this week and it was fantastic.  Her best friend Marina sang and other members made cake and it all was just a fantastic baptism.  And it was awesome to see the excitement on Marina's face as her best friend got baptized.  They were both so excited and happy!

The rest of the week was a little slower because my comp got sick, but we still had a great week looking for the less active members that we had written in our area book and it turned out to be a great idea.  We found a few members that were still reading and praying everyday, but just didn't know how to come back so it was so awesome to find them and show them they can always come back.  And so they did and they were all there this Sunday.  This Sunday was also the primary sacrament meeting program which was great and always adorable.  

Our new skirts
Irma Nici and Irmao Rimundo gave us skirts this week and were so excited that we wore them on Sunday.  They're so cute. They're like our grandparents of this area it's awesome!! Oh and they gave us Biz (which is like a kit kat here) to help my comp get better haha cause chocolate fixes everything, well and ice cream hehe.

This week I just wanted to remember that this is the most wonderful time of the year and with so much going on we always need to stop and remember what this season is really all about.  Christ's birth because it's only through him we can return to our Heavenly Father.  I am so grateful for the gift of the atonement.  It's the best gift that we could ever receive.  Alma 7:10-13 is a great place to read and remember how great this gift is. 
Hope you all have a  marvelous week!!!  Love you all!!!  

Sister Neuberger

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mais Uma Vez

We made cookies, well cookie dough, this week and then we realized that we don’t have a rack in our oven to cook thing. So we just ate the dough instead, which is still always delicious!

We also designed district t-shirts last week!! We’ll hopefully have them this week and then we can take pictures and I'll send them to you all.

This week was a fantastic week!! We had the baptism of Joana, a good friend to some of the youth in the ward which is great because we've been trying to help grow the amount of young women that are in the ward.  We also got a few other young women to start coming back to church and a new girl just moved into the ward. So now the young women went from 3 to 7 which is great!! And Daundara the YW pres is so excited!!

We taught with Marina, a girl in the ward who plans to go on a mission in the next few months.  She's awesome and we started teaching her friend. The lesson went really well, so when we were walking back to Marina’s house we had a dance party in the street and my comp was just like, "Oh my goodness I'm friends with crazy kids." haha.

We also had FHE with the groupo in Rosalina which was so fun!  The family that hosted it this week put together some great getting to know you games and everyone felt so included it was awesome. 

So being this was our final week of the transfer everyone one wanted to give us something so we got a lot of food hehe my favorite!!  Vera made us bolo gelado which is basically homemade ice cream with chocolate soup so it was delicious!! We also ate a watermelon with Irma Nici and we were so stuffed by the end my comp had a food baby that Irma Nici thought was so funny.  My comp was like, "Well it’s a few weeks overdue cause I finished nine months 4 weeks ago."  Haha
Anyway so we got transfer calls at the end of the night last night after the baptism and it turns out me and my comp will be staying here in Jardim Uniao and actually our whole zone will stay the same!  Were all excited for this transfer and our zone was picked to sing at the Christmas breakfast for the mission! 

I like Alma 13:29 it tells us that as we have faith and a love of God that he will help us through anything and everything because he loves us!!

Anyway I hope you all havea  fantastic week!!!  

Love you all!!!

Sister Neuberger