Saturday, April 21, 2018

Truman Show

April 16, 2018
Anyway so real fast this week went by fast with a new area and a new comp.  My new comp is Sister Guimaraes and she's from Curatiba, and she is 26 years old.  She's been a member for 8 years and she has one other sister.  She loves eating and sleeping and she's been in this area for 4 and a half months.  My area has a total of 15 streets and it's like a little beach town that is nowhere near the beach.  It's closer to mountains than to the beach.  Basically it's like this transfer is the Truman Show in real life if anyone has ever seen that show (thank you 7th grade science class).  What's funny though is that on the other side of a main road dividing our area is a mall.  And everyone seems to know my  comp here, like everyone! It's great! 
This week we did a lot of finding people and meeting some of the recent converts here.  The area is small, but my zone is huge. It's the first time that I have other sisters in my district and more than 3 duplas in my district. 
I also ran into my “brother” from Itaperi this Sunday.  He was visiting the other ward and it was so fun to see a familiar face from my other area and even though its just been a week it was fun to hear all about Itaperi and how everyone is.  
I was reading a talk from Elder Hales this week and he was talking about attributes of Christ and how we need to weave in those attributes into our life tapestry.  I like this analogy because if we weave it into our daily lives just think about how much prettier our life's tapestry will be!    
Love you all soo much!!Have a great week!!!
Sister Neuberger

Sunday, April 8, 2018


This week was crazy fantastic and fast!!!  Also Happy Easter!! I hope you all took time to reflect on the amazingly wonderful gift of the atonement in our lives and how as we learn to keep the commandments we can become closer to Christ!

We got to go see the Easter show that a few wards put together every year.  It was soo fun because we got to see the other mission too! Fortaleza. Which was so fun because we got to see a few of our friends from the CTM!!! 

We also had a baptism this week!!! Remair was baptized and it was great!! along with a family of 4 that the Elders had been teaching!!  Just a spiritual moment and at the end of the baptism all the missionaries of the zone got to sing to everyone!  And then after, we all went back to watch the second half of conference.  

Conference was amazing this weekend!! Sustaining of the Prophet and 2 apostles and one being from Brasil.  (people lit up with excitement with the announcement here).  Also with 7 new temples being announced; one being in Russia and one in India.  How cool is that and the changes with visiting and home teaching!! I'm soo excited about the announcements!!!  The Church is moving forward!! And these new changes will help us even more to come closer to Christ as we work together and love one another!  Conference was amazing. If you didn't get to watch it, GO WATCH IT!! You will love it!!! You can find it on  

Have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Neuberger

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hold to the Rod

This week real fast cause I've got to go.  Anyway, it was a very loco week!! We literally walked every rua (street) and knocked every door in the ala itaperi (Itaperi Ward) this week!! Luckily we have two wards haha, but we knocked every door (500 fliers) to tell everyone about our talent show and open house this week!!  It was a great show we had a few people come from interior to present!!! They were fantastic!! We also had ward conference and had it packed with 180 people.  Our building isn’t that big so there were a few people standing in order get everyone in! It was awesome!!! And we had lots of new people there!! So this next week is going to be fantastic!!!!
Also my best friend Rosangela left for her mission this week to Londrina Brasil! I'm so excited for her!!
The most exciting part of this week was when we had a power outage and we were at the end of a big street in our area.  We could see the emergency lights of the church building in the distance and we were like, "Well, what to do now?"  Luckily I had my flashlight on me this day I don’t now know why, but I had it, so we at least had a light and we had the light of the church building in the distance to get to.  So we started walking and wow the amount of people in the streets, kids screaming basically chaos.  But we made it to the building and when we got there luckily Bispo was still there and to top it off he had coxinhas (fried chicken dumplings) for us!! Yay!!  Anyway I was thinking about this experience this morning and I thought about the iron rod and how we have to hold to the rod, but also keep moving on the rod to get to the tree or to the church building in this case.  We also need to be prepared by doing those small and simple things to be ready when disaster hits because we never know when its going to be and we don’t want to lose sight of our goal or lose hold of the iron rod.  It's crazy how well it was like the iron rod because there were so many people screaming and lost in the street, but as we shared our flashlight light with thethey could make it to their destination safely and we could get closer to the church building.  As we do those simple things we also have to share our light to help others come to the light of Christ to help them make it home and to his presence. And when we make it there it will be a festival of happiness and coxinhas!! Haha  anyway hope that makes sense because I'm writing fast.  Anyway I love you all soo much!!! Have a 

wonderful week!!
Sister Neuberger

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fourth Floor Last Door

I almost forgot to write a group email hehe whoops. I've been responding individually to all the other emails I've received. Much appreciated!

This week was another full week of lots of walking!  My legs are all muscle now haha. I also think we're hitting the heat of the year.  We had a bunch of appointments fall through this week so it was a little bit of a challenging week, but at the end of the week we found some great miracles!

Our less active is coming back to church and she is starting her mission papers! And her family now wants to possibly be baptized because they remember those times that they went to church and felt such great peace.  We also found a family that lives close to the bispo's house so we're hoping that everyone will keep wanting to learn more!

The bishop's wife made us pancakes well pancake-ish type food this week which was delicious!!!

We also had zone conference this week!  Also was a great inspiration to get to work and work even harder than you're working.  Lots about "fourth floor last door"  if any of you remember the conference talk from Elder Uchtdorf a few conference ago when he talked about the elders that knocked every door in the apartment building and only at the last door on the last floor did they get invited in to talk to the family and because of that they ended up baptizing the family.  Exactly what we needed to hear this week.  Also, always a great reminder that we have to remember to do all that we can to receive the blessing of heaven,.  We have to be ready to receive those blessing because if we're not prepared we can't receive those blessings in full.  Heavenly Father is always extending his hand to help us. We just have to reach out and grab it!  I love seeing those little miracles in people's lives here everyday that help them see the hand of Heavenly Father in their lives.  I hope we all prepare for those amazing blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for us!  

I love you all sooo much!!! have a wonderful week!!! 

Sister Neuberger

Monday, March 5, 2018

Living on the Sun

This week it poured and then two days it was blistering hot and I got
ridiculously burned wahoo!! I love having super inflamed skin! Haha
(sunscreen here does nothing haha)

My new comp is from Sao Paulo (Campinase). She wants to be a lawyer. She
loves chocolate. She was basically raised in the gospel, has one other
brother, and she and he live with her mom.

Also, we had a super spiritual lesson with our investigator Kelly this
week and as we talked about answers to prayers, she told us about
how she's been praying for her sister to get better and a few days
later her sister's health was perfectly normal again and didn’t have to
have surgery or anything. Which is an amazing answer to her prayers.
We're also super happy because she and her future husband have been
reading the Book of Mormon together and they also taught whole family com a familia
dele!  How great is that!!!!!

We also worked with a less active member who is returning to church.
She worked with us all day on Thursday and absolutely loved it. And this
week our bishop is going to see if she wants to serve a mission!! So
excited for her!!!

Our mission president has been talking a lot about M&M (members and
missionaries) and BIZ (a chocolate they have here that’s like kit
kats)(Baptisms endownments sealings). It kinda works with the translation. He talks a lot about how if we work with the ward and the members in the ward we will have more
baptisms more people firme no evangelho which means more people going
to the temple and more families having the chance to be sealed
together forever!  So share you're testimony with everyone you meet
this week! Beause everything comes from those small and simple things!!

Love you all soo much!! Have a great week!!
Sister Neuberger

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


This is Sister Neuberger's letter about the passing of her grandmother.

Grandma, you were always so happy in whatever came your way, in any situation you were happy with whatever worked best for everyone else. And doing so, it always seemed to bring you even more happiness. I loved how you were always singing a happy song like "little old lady passing by" or "ABCD..." or just saying "ray." There wasn't a moment when you weren't excited about what was happening in life! You always had a smile on and woah how contagious it was because you knew the plan of salvation is real and that we can be familes forever and because of that you didn't let a moment go by when you didn't share your testimony with others who didn't know. You could talk to anyone anywhere and learn about their whole life in a matter of minutes; an attrubute of loving everyone just like Heavenly Father; an atrubute I hope I can obtain just like you have so well. I loved all your helpful tricks and tips for singing, eating, and for whatever life would bring my way. I'll never forget all those wonderul times we spent together whether it was singing around the piano, baking food, birthday calls, walking in Maplewood, skating, sleeping in the car or just talking about all your fantastic adventures. Every moment spent with you was a wonderful moment never to be forgotten. And I'm so uterly grateful for the opportunity to know that I can have these memories forever not just here on Earth, but also in heaven when we are reunited again for all eternity! I'm so grateful that so long ago you decided to accept the Father's plan and bring the joy of the gospel into your home and becasue of that today I could be fully blessed by the blessings the gospel brings. You have and always will be a marvelous mssionary and I know you are continuing the work in heaven helping us find more of those people ready to hear and accept the joy of the gospel. Because that is exactly what the gospel does it lightens and brightens our lives and all those that are around us. And your light was so strong that anyone you came in contact with it wanted and wondered why your glow was so strong and you didn't hide your light from them not to know. In fact you shared your light so the brightness of more lights could grow. You left a wonderful legacy that will never be forgotten. Like Travis' poem from a long time ago says about the World Trade Center, 9/11 the world stopped turning, well 2/11 your heart stopped beating, but your legacy will live on forever in every child, grandchild, great great grandchild becasue of you we all have the light of the gospel in our lives and that's something that can never be taken and though the pain of losing you is so strong and hard and I wish more than anything I could have been there before you left; I know that I can be with you again real soon. I know that this is where you wanted me to be and you were so happy in learning about my mission and excited that I get this chance to serve because it's something you always wanted to do and in fact did, just without the name tag. I'll keep doing all I can to be with you again one day and try my best everyday to spread my light to everyone that passes my way because I know the greater joy the gospel brings because of a lady, my grandma, who blessed me with the joy of knowing so many years ago. I love you soo incredibly much grandma!! Ate logo!

Monday, February 12, 2018


This week was a wonderful week as we had an amazing surprise in sacrament meeting our other long time less active member came to church and he came in and sat in the back and I turned around and was like noo way he came!!!  So great and also that morning our other less active and his soon to be wife that we're helping get married, came to church too!!! 

This week we also found an amazing family tat is so ready to hear the gospel.  The mom lost her sister and her mom 3 years ago and she was so interested in the plan of salvation.  And I was so excited to teach her and her family about it.  Which is so cool because we talked about it last night and how Heavenly Father made a perfect plan for each and everyone of us to come here to the earth and live and learn and really be tested, but learn from our experiences and be prepared to return to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  “This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God” (Alma 34:32).  And it's hard when our family members pass away, but knowing of the plan and how we can all be together again can bring everyone such peace. It is sad with passing of family, but we can feel the Savior's love with us as we remember the plan and our purpose.  

And in that regard, today we had a wonderful day with our mission president where we went to help with a Book of Mormon youth conference and then went to a churrascaria to eat so much delicious food and cheesecake que saudade!!!  Anyway, afterwards my mission president told me of the passing of my grandmother.  It was hard to take it in at first, but after having a moment I thought about how amazing of a women she was and how happy she was here and how happy she is back in the presence of our Heavenly Father.  She was the first to be baptized on my mother's side of the family.  She is the one that started it all. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here and all of my family and all the places they have served and the people they’ve met and taught the gospel wouldn’t have happened.  She was such a wonderful person, always happy and singing and always talking to everyone no matter who it was and always sharing the gospel.  She could start meeting a person and in 5 minutes know their whole life story that’s how amazing she is.  She loved singing and she loved dancing and especially doing everything the Lord asked.  I'm so glad and proud to be her granddaughter. It’s a lot to live up to, but I know that with her watching over me I can do all that the Lord asks of me.  And I know that through the plan of salvation or the plan of happiness, we can all be with our families again forever, never to be parted. The plan can bring us so much peace here in this life and the life to come.  There is no other plan greater and more fulfilling than this.  IT is truly perfect and I'm so glad to know of its truths and so glad that I get to share it everyday with thee people here in Brasil!!  I love her so much! And I'm so excited to be with her again someday, but for now I know she is doing a great work and a wonder in heaven and is helping and looking after me here in Brasil.  I love you all sooo much!!!!  Have a wonderful week!!!! 

Lunch at the churrascaria. Can you find me?
Youth Book of Mormon Project
Sister Neuberger