Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What! You Speak English?

I got to speak in English!!!  Also, Happy Father’s day or at least for Brasil!!
Anyway, back to why I spoke English. Two Europeans came traveling through (well, came to see a member they know in our ward).  And it made the day even better!!!  Everyone was going up to them after Sacrament Meeting to meet them and then their friend Eder was like, “Oh, they don’t speak Portuguese.” So, everyone was asking me how to say welcome and everything else At first I didn’t believe it, but then they started talking with their super cool accents and I was like, “Yep, you’re from Europe!  The girl was from The Netherlands and the guy was from London, but they all met in Dubai a few years ago.  Anyway, I got to translate in the next two classes and they were like, “Woah! How long have you been here? You understand so much!” And I was like, “Well, I’ve been in Fortaleza for 5 months today, but I’ve been in Brasil for 6 months.” and then I was like, “Woah, I hit my 6 month mark!!!”  They were super cool and both have been traveling these past couple months and are headed home soon, but just wanted to meet up with Eder before they went home.  It was so nice/difficult to speak in English, but I liked it. I got to bear my testimony to them about the gospel and why I’m serving and even though it’s been hard at times I know that in the end its worth it because bringing others unto Christ and helping them feel the love that Heavenly Father has for them and the joy that they can have in their lives is totally worth it.
Which also made me think about how last year at this time I was with my family gathered around the TV watching Michael Phelps go at it again one last time to break records and be awesome; and how a year from now I’ll be headed home. It’s crazy how fast time can fly, but that’s not what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about how we all have those different struggles and moments when we just don’t think we’ll make it or just want to throw in the towel because it doesn’t seem worth it; like Olympians they all have dedicated their lives to the sports that they play and it’s so hard to become that great and to keep working though the tough times, but they don’t quit. They keep going because they have their eyes set on the future and the bigger picture.  I think a lot of times we focus on the here and now, but that’s when we need to take a step back and look at the big picture; what we’re working for and to look back and see how far we’ve come.  I love love love the quote from Elder Holland that says, “Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”  I love this quote. There is so much hope and happiness ahead for all of us if we just trust in the lord and lean on him and he will help us through. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard. It will be, but though that pain and suffering we gain so much more appreciation for the final success!! Which also makes me think of Moroni 7:33. He has asked us to do many things, but if we trust in him and have faith he will help us through.  We are never alone he loves us and wants us all to be happy.
I got to teach the plan of salvation this week which is my favorite lesson, but also the most difficult for me to teach because I’m still learning Portuguese. I sometimes get lost in my words, but I still got to bare my testimony at the end that I know it to be true and that we all can have never ending happiness with our families and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever as we follow their teachings and choose the right!! After all, it’s called also the plan of salvation!!!  I think it’s in Mosiah 2 at the end where it talks about how much happiness we will have here after and how wonderful that will be!!  I love it soo much and I know it to be true!!
Anyway, that’s all the time I have this week, but I love you guys sooo much and miss you all!!! Thanks for the emails!!! Have an amazing week!!!
Sister Neuberger

Monday, August 7, 2017

Neuberger Style

So this week I decided to be a Neuberger and when I saw a sale on ice cream I decided to not just get one container, but two because when their $3 why not?  My comp thought I was insane to get that much ice cream, but she doesn’t know the Neuberger family and how much we love ice cream/how much ice cream we can eat.  Ice cream is a little different here because when it melts it's no longer like melted ice cream or like a milk shake. The liquid seems more watery. I don’t know how to describe it. 

Sacrament this week was amazing. We had 7 investigators there, but in the beginning we didn’t think anyone was going to show up. This especially scared us because Saturday night Ana got baptized (which I'm so excited about because she's awesome and now her daughter whose 7 can't wait to get baptized) and in sacrament meeting she was going to have the blessing of receiving the Holy Ghost, but they still hadn’t arrived 10 minutes into sacrament meeting. So we were so sad about that and plus our other investigator who was suppose to get baptized after church hadn’t showed up either. So we were really sad and stressed, but then right before the passing of the sacrament, in came not only Ana and her family, but Roberto and his brother and his parents!!!!  His parents aren’t members and haven’t ever really been excited about the church. Davi the brother is a member. Anyway they all came!!   Ana was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and then after church Davi baptized Roberto and woah the light of the gospel grew even more in Davi’s eyes. He was in tears after the baptism and couldn’t thank us enough for teaching his brother and then allowing him to baptize his brother.  And the parents were actually excited about the baptism and stayed and talked to other members in the ward for a long time after the baptism.  So great week all and all! 

I love the gospel so much. And I love how much as we bare our testimonies and do the small things like read or scriptures, pray, go to church, we can see that these things aren’t so small, but large in size because they are the things that make us strong in the gospel and in our lives.

I gave the lesson for Family Home Evening this week and though it was hard to understand for the majority of people (and I still really struggle with asking questions so it was rough), but by the end I got a discussion going about the topic which was overcoming our trials of faith and how Heavenly Father is always there to help us overcome. Anyway, we had people baring testimony about the love of God by the end. It was great, although it had nothing to do with me or me helping because they couldn't really understand me, but the Spirit was still there. Although it's still really hard for me to see the reason I'm struggling sooo much with the language, but every time I get to pray I feel strength and peace.  I know it's true.  I hope can be more fluent by the end, but I guess if I can at least show that I love people and really want to help in whatever way possible, that's, but I'm still really working to get the gift of tongues.

Have a fantabulous week!

Sister Neuberger
2 Nephi 26:25

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Finally got Mom's box
So this week I ate Panalada which for those of you who don’t know what that is, it's basically all the parts of an ox that you would think you shouldn’t eat like the fat, the skin, the hair, everything, but I kindly ate it because Irma Doce was so excited to cook it for us. But let's just say it didn’t taste great the first time and the second time was not much better.  Hehehe  Luckily the members are awesome here and were willing to help.  They gave me medicine and more food which I didn’t really want, but ate anyway.

Avenue of Things Missed
Ana and her family of two little girls and Isabel and her two little girls all came to church again yesterday and they are really loving it both the children and the adults which is awesome!  The little girls which are 4 don’t love the walk back home, but they love primary. 

We also had splits this week and woah we talked to so many people or at least I tried and then Sister Santos would translate. Later she very politely told me that my Portuguese was not good and that I needed to work harder because I've almost been here for 6 months.  So definitely going to work harder because I want to be fluent so very badly. 

On the plus side this week, we were visiting a recent convert and when we walked in he was watching "How I Met Your Mother" which made for great conversation about TV shows and Netflix and got me talking a lot. Now Caulaun wants an English Portuguese dictionary so he can learn English so he can watch the shows in English. 

We also had pancakes this week at Irma Geisa's casa!! So good!! Best day ever!!

My comp and I are staying here for the next 6 weeks.  I'm glad I don’t have to say goodbye to the Nilsons just yet or Joici or anyone else in the ward because they're awesome! 

I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese (well half Portuguese) this week!! And I know that it is true that it is written for us for our day and that it will give us revalation for our day and answer any and all of our questions!  Just like in the last chapter in Moroni says if we read it and ask in faith we can know that it is true. 

Have a spectacular week!!!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Neuberger
2 Nephi 26:25

PS Photos added to the last couple of posts. Like chicken pox pics. Go back and check them out.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Well this week I think I heard Kevin the bird from "Up," and I think he lives next door to our investigator.   Also this week my comp was telling Joici (one of the members) how she wanted music and Joici was like, "Oh I can help with that. Give me a flash drive and I'll give you church music." So we did and now I have a few songs in Portuguese and it is really nice to have some new music. ]

I made a friend in the other ward this week or at least a good acquaintance because she speaks English really well.  She came up to me on Sunday and was like, "Hey I heard you got chicken pox. How are you feeling?" (I think the whole stake knows I got chicken pox. It seems to have been the talk of the town.  "An American got chicken pox." "No way! Seriously!?!?!”)  and then she told me all about how she served in Sao Paulo and one of her comps didn’t speak Portuguese well.  She knew a little English, but because her comp didn’t speak well, she learned English through her comp and she in return helped her comp learn Portuguese.  The girl's name is Abea. The rest of her mission she had a lot of American comps so her English improved with each transfer. 

Isabel is progressing really well.  She is praying that her husband has a softened heart and wants to get married.  But on the plus side her daughter Madilani got baptized this week!!  She was really scared of the water and wouldn’t go in so Abea actually came to the  rescue and talked to Madilani and then sacrificed Sunday clothes and got in the water to show madilani there wasn’t anything to be scared of and then Madilani got in but was still scared to go under the water so then Abea showed her there wasn’t anything to be scared of going under and she went under and came back up and so Madilani was ready to go and got baptized.  We thanked Abea a billion times after ad she said the same thing happened on her mission and it wasn’t trouble at all to help us out. 

While walking to church this week we had this old guy come up to us and ask if he could come with us to church and we were like a yeah sure and so we had him and a few other investigators with us at church it was great! 

Zone conference this week and President talked about how we need to counsel with the Lord and then make goals from our heart and that’s when their will be success in the work.  Which is so true if we counsel with the Lord in what we should do, he will guide us and help us move forward in the right direction. 

I love you guys all so much!!! Thanks for the emails!  Have a superb week!!!

-Sister Neuberger
Alma 32:27

No More Chicken Pox

Happy birthday Shelby!! and I hope you all got a Slurpee for 7/11 day!! 

Well we still spent half the week in our house to make sure the poxs were all gone, but on Thursday we got out and it was sooo nice to get out!!!!

Our investigator Isabel is amazing!!! She is hoping that she can get married to her boyfriend really soon so she can get baptized, but as she waits for that her daughter is getting ready for baptism next week!!  You can see how much the light of the gospel is showing in Isabell's eyes. She wants to change and make sure she's doing all that she can to live with Heavenly father again.  And she understands the importance about marriage and I got to  bear my testimony about how I know that families can be together forever in our latest lesson.

Which I am so happy that I have the opportunity to  live with my family forever because I love them so much!!!!  I know I have to do all that I can in this life, but as I do the Lord will help me with the rest if I fully rely on him.  Or as my mom would say with the acronym: F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God!

I never thought how strange it is to move away from our family when we are older or at least in other cultures its looked on as strange.  I told my comp how my brothers live in other states and she thought that was the strangest thing. 

Anyway I love you all sooo much!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!

Sister Neuberger
D+C 123:17

Never Have I Ever

It turns out those 5 mosquito bites on my stomach and my body hurting like crazy for 4 days weren’t just me feeling super stressed out from trying to learn the languag.  It turns out that those 5 bites turned into 15 bites and a party on my back and then the thought occured to me maybe I have chicken pox and maybe I should tell my comp.  Within a few hours there was no hiding that I had chickenpox.  So we were in casa this whole week lots of studying and sleeping and I still kind of have them but oh well.  And now I can't use not having chicken pox when we play "Never Have I Ever."  And anyway, everyone here thinks it's crazy that I've never had chicken pox haha.

I read a lot this week which made me really like Mosiah 1:5-7 which talks about reading/searching/pondering/praying about the scriptures and to understand the mysteries of God.  He also goes on to testify that the scriptures are true and that we need to search them diligently and we will be blessed from it.  I know that the scriptures are true and that we can learn so many things from the stories that they hold and the lessons they teach.  They can answer our questions and calm our fears.  They are such a blessing in our lives!!!

Have a marvelous week and don’t forget to get outside and enjoy that summer heat and think of me!!  Love you all!!

Sister Neuberger

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Zoo Friends

Happy birthday America and Gina and happy national cheesecake day!!!! Hope you all see some great fireworks and eat some cheesecake for me.

We walked past the zoo this week on our super long walk to almoƧo!!  The zoo isn’t quiet the size of STL and the entrance reminds me of Turtle Back  Zoo in NJ, but anyway sadly, it's not open on Mondays. But on the plus side, because of the size of it, just walking by it we basically saw all of it. We just didn’t get to play on the playground.  But man was that a lot of walking from our house to another area for the bank back past our house to the end of our area for almoco.  Probably in total 6 miles of walking which doesn’t seem like a lot but when its hot it does.

We started teaching this amazing family this week and it all started because we were teaching a girl that lives on their street and the mom walked by and was like, "Really, your letting them teach you?" And then she shared her doubts with us. We said we could meet with her and answer all of her question. She said, "Uh, well yeah I guess." And then we had our first lesson with her and the spirit was so strong and she was like, "We'll all come to church on Sunday." Sadly her husband didn’t come, but her kids did and she and her kids loved it.  So now the hard part if she ends up wanting to be baptized she needs to get officially married to her boyfriend/husband.  She reminds me of Millie Black and a little of mom, so basically she's awesome!!!  Then on the walk home she talked to me the whole time and we talked about New York and how my Grandparents live in New Jersey. We also talked about how school works in the US.  It was so nice to talk!! Though it was hard because my Portuguese is still pretty rough, but she took the time to help me understand her questions and helped me make sense of what I was saying, its was awesome!!!

I think the Articles of Faith are so cool. We have 13 small articles that tell in simple form all that we believe.  It shows that the gospel can be so simple a child understands it yet also so grand that people study it forever. 

Have a fantastic week!!! Miss you all and love you all so much!!!

Sister Neuberger

D&C 123:17  I think this might be one of my new favorite scriptures! 

Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Come Unto Him and He Will Give You Rest!

June 26, 2017

The kids love me and I really don't know why because I can hardly make a normal sentence, but they love talking to me and that makes me feel good!  This week we ate at a member's house who is learning English and is probably better at speaking English than I am at Portuguese. So he spoke in English and I responded in Portuguese which actually helped so much because he still asks questions like you do in Portuguese which I struggle with. So hearing it in English helps me understand where I'm messing up. 

We have some great investigators progressing this week like Eric and Rosi.  They really want to know for themselves if the Church is true which is amazing!!! Rosi has had a pretty diffucult life, but she really likes the feeling that she gets from reading the pamphlets and praying.  Also Emanuel is this old man who is hilarious and really sarcastic. Andmy comp doesn’t seem to understand sarcasm, so I'm dying of laughter when he says stuff and she thinks he's seriou. It"s hilarious!  She doesn’t like me laughing at her, so then she makes me speak Portugues and then she and Emanuel laugh really hard, but its all good.

I got a cold today and my comp is like, "You NEED medicine!" And I am like, "Noooo!!!" So we'll see if I can hold off on the medicine because the pills here seem to be huge and I don’t think I could swallow that. 

This week I read about the atonement in "Our Search for Happiness." It talked about a couple verses in Matthew 11:28-30 that are great!! We need to come unto Christ, and he will give us rest and make our burdens light.  I know he has helped me so much on my mission as I keep working to learn Portuguese and to have people understand what I'm saying.  He is there to help. 

Love you all so much!! Have a super duper week!!!

Sister Neuberger
Matthew 11:28-30

We Are Nothing Without the Lord

June 19, 2017

We are nothing with out the Lord and he has given me companions that actually speak the language.  I had two people this week tell me I should just stop trying to learn Portuguese, but on the plus side, only one of them told me to go back to the States.  So this week we had divisions and my comp for the day was sister Santos who is from Sao Paulo and is super nice and is learning English and it's probably better than my Portuguese. She's been out a year and I learned so much from her as we taught Emanuel about the Word of Wisdom. Somehow in the middle of the lesson it kind of changed to the restoration, but that’s when the spirit really was so strong and everyone could feel it and Emanuel stood up and was like, "Well I believe all of that, so if not drinking coffee is what God asks of me then I will do it." And then he went into his house and proceeded to throw all of his coffee out. AMAZING!!! Such a cool experience to be a part of!!!  Sister Santos also is a lot more calm than my comp now who's a little dramatic about everything.  

Anyway, so we had a stake missionary meeting at the stake center and we were told the wrong time and got there an hour early, so we couldn’t go back because by the time we got back we would have to leave. So we did the only thing we could; we went to the ice cream place next to the church!! BEST DAY EVER!!! She was like, "I know this is probably stressing you out a little, so I'm going to buy to ice cream." And I was like, "Oh, okay. Well thank you sooooooooo much!!!"  And she somehow just knew I love Oreo and that’s what she bought me!!  And then at the meeting well after the meeting the president bought us all pizza!!! So it was a great day!!! And so much spiritual growth that we are nothing without the Lord, but with the Lord we can do all things!!!  Moroni 7:33

I'm a little sad that I don’t get to go back to my old area this transfer because all those people are amazing and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to them and they are also going to the temple this week and I would ABSOULUTLY LOVE TO GO!!!!!  But its all good. I'll just keep working on my Portuguese so I can at least teach people about the temple.

In other news, one of the elders in my district got chicken pox and with one day left on his mission. Rough way to end the mission but hes working through it.

We also had 12 youth come running up to us in the street this week because they love us. And they love talking to me and asking me about English. So we were like, "Hi! Can we teach you this amazing message we have and then answer all your English questions." And they were like, "Okay!!!"  So that was also another awesome experience for the week!

Emanuel and Bruno both got baptized this week!!! So great and they are both so excited about it!!!
Ohh and I alsoigot to feed a monkey a banana and I didn’t have my camera sadly, but I did have it when we placed out bread for them. Not as cool, but still exciting none the less. 
Anyway have a fantastically fabulous week!!

Sister Neuberger
Moroni 7:33

Beans, Bean, and More Beans

June 12, 2017

So this week at Antonio’s he really wanted us to try his black beans so he came out with a huge plate of beans for both me and my comp.  We were like "ah okay" and graciously ate them and they were delicious. Just a lot of them!  The next day we went back and he was like, "Here try my brown beans." Another huge plate and we were like, "Ahh yea, more beans!" And then we continued to joke about it the rest of the day until the next day when we went back and he had us try his feijoada (Brazilian black bean stew) and then told us he was going to make some more beans for us the next day.  Luckily he had his baptism interview the next day so we could allow the elders to eat all the beans instead.  Basically if I never eat beans again I'd be okay, but that’s not really all possible right now hahaha. 

Prayer is so important. I know I talked about it last week, but I just wanted to reiterate it because just like communication is so important between people and we sometimes take it for granted, we shouldn’t because it's so important as I have learned very well here in Brazil because I cant say everything I want or understand everything. But I'm so grateful for the communication I do have and even more so the communication that I can have with my Heavenly Father who is always there, listening and ready to help us as we call on his name for that help.  Just like in Alma 37:36-37 we need to counsel with the Lord everyday and then we will find safety and peace. 

Not too much happened this week. We did help Antonio also get water from his well which was fun and really used that upper body strength.   And we got some amazingly delicious cake from some members after divisions! And we got Immanuel to come to church who we just casually ran into on the street the night before and he loved it.  He didn’t love the walk, but he loved church!! 

Have a great week and don’t forget to pray!  

Love you all!!!

Sister Neuberger
Alma 37:36-37

Monday, June 5, 2017

Apartment Hunting

So this week we had hot dogs on Memorial Day!! After FHE with a family!!  I was like woah who told you its Memorial Day at home and all I wanted was that food hahaha. And on our way home fireworks went off and I was like this is awesome!!!  Also happy Fathers Day?

Zone conference this week.  President spoke to us about the power of prayer and how it's so important that your investigators pray for themselves so that their testimonies grows because if they don’t have a testimony of the gospel than they will not be ready for baptism.  So true prayer is so essential to growing a testimony, but also acting on those prayers with reading the scriptures and going to church.  Prayer has helped me so much because it is a time when we can pour out our thoughts and feelings to the Lord and he is there and listening and ready and willing to help.

Other news this week we went apartment hunting which was exciting and we'll probably move sometime next week I think.  I also held a baby monkey this week it was AWESOME!!! And soo cute!!  Oh and had the best pineapple juice eve. It was more creamy than watery, delicious!!  I also got to eat that sugary/honey treat this week that I love. I think there might be coconut in it too. I don’t know. Anyway, it's delicious!!  

I'm becoming besties with all the little kids because they love learning new English words and it helps me so much because then I have to study up on random nouns so I know what they are asking to say. When I don’t ,they describe it till I do which is so helpful.  Though the teens are helpful too because they help with making my sentences actually make sense which is great!!  Though I'm pretty sure this week I told someone that I was married and did drugs which isn’t true but oh well hahaha

Two of our new investigators who are, Jamila and Maila came to church yesterday and loved it and plan to come next week. We got to talk all the way home about sports and food and Disney. And then they went up to my comp and were like, "the other sister is so cool," and she was like "Oh I'm glad you like her so much." So I was like yess!! 

Even with my simple words I'm making friends!! I got a watermelon for a $1 which is awesome!!! And I also made mac and cheese of sorts with mozzarella cheese so more of just a cheesy pasta and Mom style mac and cheese with veggies and meat in it, delicious!! Oh and I made a “pastry” more like a sandwich with chocolate and bananas and put it in the panini press.  So good!!!

Almost got hit by a motorcycle while teaching which was exciting. Luckily I wasn't sitting back in my chair so I didn't get hit. Just the back of my chair did and there was lots of yelling in the street after that heehehe

The little kids also taught me the ABC song in Portuguese.  Its so much more catchy than the English version. 

I got to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting!! It was simple but well received by the ward. They loved that I tried my best!!

Sister Neuberger
Moroni 8:3

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Moving

Hey, so I don't know how much time I have today because our internet went out this morning so we had to wait till now to get back on.  Happy Memorial Day! I hope someone played some Frisbee because we didn’t here because of the rain (and it's not a holiday),  Anyway this week has been exciting to say  the least with many tranfers of things an people.  Tuesday we got a call that we were needed in Jardim for a ten day transfer because two other sisters were sick. So we were going to be a trio with another sister there, but then the next day, as we were walking to district meeting, Sister Kubiak got a call that she was headed to Madacanao and I would be staying here in Jardim to be trained by Sister Riberito.  So we went back to our apartment, got our things and I left Sister Kubiak and started in my new area.  They are all very nice here.  It's more of a small town where everyone seems to know everyone and the streets are a little more confusing because there isn’t any main highway or main roads just a lot of winding, sandy roads, which we learned today makes the streets like rivers when it rains haha.  Sister Riberito is really nice. She laughs at me a lot because I don’t speak well at all, but she always asks to make sure I'm understanding which is nice and I think I really am understanding more even if I don’t speak well. No one understands what I say, but anyway. She loves to help everyone, so we wash and cook at almoco (lunch) and whatever other ways we can which is great because if I can't tell everyone how much they mean to me at least I can show it!  We also had two baptisms this week so to say the least the work is really moving here.  It was an older man and  12 yer old.  Oh and the elders in our district are so cool they are bringing pizza this week to district meeting because of the baptism!! And Elder Forriaita, a big black elder who has 4 weeks left on his mission came up to me and was like, "Are you scared of me because I'm so big and have such a low voice?" I laughed and said of course not haha, but he  said "Yea, the first few months are sooo hard." And he said, "I didn’t understand people and I'm Brazilian, but if you give it time the middle is great. And the end is even better because you see how the gospel really touches people and God loves every single one of us and will not let us fail!!" He said he knew the gospel was true at the start of his mission, but now he knows with out a  shadow of a doubt that it is true and that it is the most marvelous thing that we get to know and teach about.  

Anyway, so my comp has been out 5 months and is a little stressed from having to be a trainer and having to try to translate everyrthing, but we get along. I just try to make her laugh even when I don’t understand and I always have a smile on my face.  She's from Rio and thinks it's so cool that you served there, Dad.  She also is the first to serve in her family.  She's 20 as well.  So basically I'm going to have  real weird accent between first learning in Sao Paulo then coming here and then being taught by someone with a Rio accent haha.  

We had spaghetti this week with meat balls!!!! And last Pday we got to play volleyball with the youth. Also, I saw a shooting star last week while me and my comp were talking about them. How cool is that!!!!!  Oh and it actually was kind of cold last night. I used my bed sheet which is crazy!!! I love it!!  

I love this gospel and I'm glad I get to teach about it to others even if they don’t always understand me.  I know it will all workout as we speak through the spirit of the gospel.  I read Alma 56 this week about the army of Helaman not doubting that they could do hard things because that’s what their mothers taught. So I hope you all read that chapter and don’t doubt.

Love you all!! Sorry for the crazy sporadic letter! Have a terrific week!!!

Sister Neuberger
Alma 56

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!!!!  And again happy bday, Mom!! And gparents and Miranda.

Not much to say this week as we did a lot of walking and not a lot of teaching because we were looking for less actives and a lot of them weren’t home or didn’t want to talk. However, we did have some great moments this week as we got Carol, a long time investigator, to finally come to church because when we taught her on Friday she was like, "I can see how much going to church means to you and though it's different than I'm used to I'll go and try it out. And she liked it. She said it was different but she liked how happy and welcoming everyone was. 

I got to see people from my district this week as their comps needed to renew their visas' so we got to do splits with them and woah do I have so much to learn.  Sister Clark's comp was quoting scripture and just knowing exactly what scripture to turn to when teaching people and really talking to them to know what they needed to hear. It was a humbling moment for me to say the least.  I hope that with time I can do the same. 

Last pday we got “burgers” to celebrate my comp's last transfer in the mission and my first.  They aren’t exactly burgers, but it’s the closest I'll probably get for another year or so.  We also got spaghetti yesterday at a members house and they gave us ice cream and the spaghetti had cheese and veggies in it!!! Amazing!!!!  Oh and I tried din-din this week which is like ice cream kind of, but the fruit flavors are more like a really juicy smushed fruit that’s frozen like a Popsicle in a plastic bag. The chocolate and caramel favors or more like ice cream. They all just come in little plastic baggies and you just rip of a corner and eat it. They're quite delicious. 

Our English class wasn't really teaching because another member kind of taught or taught a couple words and then had me and Elder Taylor read from the Book of Mormon and then he had me say the closing prayer in English and then said how they too could learn English. So it was a little different and not how Elder Taylor and I thought it would go, but it's all good. 

We also sadly realized that Anderson and Victoria, our two baptisms from last week, are actually livimg in the other ward. So we gave them over to the other sister missionaries ,but they're great so I have no fear in that. 

So in Skyping my family this week I really have been thinking about the Plan of Salvation or as I really love to call it the Plan of Happiness because it's true that it really does bring us happiness and just thinking about it it brings me happiness!!!  Being on a mission you really think about how the plan is so important because I know right now all I want is to be with my family. However, I won't be for a year or so, but I know that I will be with them soon and so I have to do now so when we see each other again it will be with great joy!  I never want to not be able to be with my family.  I know that if I do all that I can in this life and do all that the Lord asks of me that I can be with my family forever after this life which is one of the greatest gifts that Heavenly Father could ever give us.  I hope and pray that we all can do all that we can to live in such a way that we can all be reunited with our families again one day.  I also read in Alma chapter 46 this week about the title of liberty and I thought back to past youth conferences where we were asked what are we fighting for?  So think about that this week. What are you fighting for when the world seems to be against you what are you fighting for that gives you strength to press on?

I love you all soo much!!! I hope you all have a super duper stupendous week!!!

Sister Neuberger

The First and Great Commandment- Elder Holland GC Nov. 2012

Trust In Him

Hello everyone I hope you all had fantastically fabulous weeks!!

Two different scriptures I read this week and really liked (they kind of connect) were D&C 50:40-44 which connects to Helaman 1:5. These verses talk of how we are all still learning but if we build ourselves on a sure foundation we cannot fall because Heavenly Father is there to help us in all things. And these connect to Peter 5:6-7 which talks about how he will help us as we humble ourselves and trust in him because he loves us so much each individually and wants to see us succeed!

This week we had 3 baptisms!!!  An older man named Geraldo and two teenagers who are siblings Anderson and Vitoria which I think I already talked about them. Because they got baptized this week their dad and older sister Nataua also came to church!! Such a great Sunday! We hope that as we keep teaching them that Nataua and their dad will want to be baptized and we can have a whole family and they can be that much closer to going to the temple as a family! Beause that's what its all about!

We also got the members to help us this week with a couple of the youth joining us on lessons and an adult in a few other lessons and since Geraldo is in a wheelchair we are relying on the members to help him get to church every Sunday and so far so good.

The members are so nice here.  They all have heard of how I got sick off of feijoada (which in fact I got sick off of the salad but nonetheless) so they make sure not to make it when we come, but a family did this week and they knew I had gotten sick so they made me a totally different meal and I felt so bad that they went through all that trouble but they were so happy to do it to make sure I didn't get sick.  It was delicious and it was beef!  We also had enchilada type things on cinquo de maio!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!  Wasn't expecting it at all and it was a nice change from rice and beans. It might have not been spicy but it was so delicious!!  Oh and at another almoco we had fruit soup a personal favorite of mine! Basically its a bunch of different soup in a very liquidy doce de leite sauce.  And now just thinking about it I want to eat it! 

I saw a Star Wars shirt on the fourth be with you day and too sadly that doesn't rally translate into portugues but i tried my best. 

Our building for church is huge. I think it might be a stake center.  The roads are all different some are paved some are stones it just depends.  I also made it through my first transfer!! Sister Kubiak and I are both staying in Messajana in the Barroso area.  My first transfer and her last one.  We also saw cows running up and down the street this week as we waited for the bus for our district meeting.  They were hilarious and really on the move.  Oh and we saw this guy stand up on his motorcycle while he was going down the street! Craziness!!!!

That's it for the week!! Have a superb week!! Love you all!!

Sister Neuberger
Alma 26:37

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Honey Bees

Happy birthday this past week to Dad, Andrew, Jared, Josh and Maddie and Deedee (though I think theirs were a month ago, but I don't remember).

Anyway we had many meetings this week with district meeting as always and then a district conference and then a zone conference which had some of the Fortaleza mission there which meant i got to see Sister Weixler which is always awesome because she's awesome!  I loved Sister Marriott's talk about how we need to teach how families can be together forever and that the Book of Mormon is truly another Testament of Christ.  After zone conference I almost missed getting on the bus, but I jumped on as it was moving, so its all good haha.

We also got to witness an eight year old in our ward get baptized this week and we brought one of our investigators who is hesitant to get baptized, so hopefully she could feel the spirit and the joy that this child had from being baptized.  They also had cake after that was like gooey buttercake mixed with real cake to say the least it was AMAZING!!!

I read a talk by Elder Ballard this week from Oct. 2012 how we if we all did small acts of kindness everyday think about how much better the world would be and how happy we and others would be. He compared it to bees and how they are only able to make a small amount of honey in their lifetime, but with them all working together they make a large sum of honey.  We can do the same with showing kindness and compassion towards others. 

As it was pouring down rain yesterday we were still able to get three of our investigators to church!!!! Well two and Anderson's little sister decided to come too, so it made it 3. Anderson and Victoria loved Young Womens and Young Mens and Sunday School.  And Gerardo liked the lesson on faith in Sunday school, so hopefully we can progress with them this week in teaching. 
Lots of walking, lots of talking. It's hard work, but if we try our best and serve with full purpose of heart the reward can be satisfying. 

Sister Neuberger
Ether 12:4  Alma 32:9-10