Tuesday, May 1, 2018


This week I gave a  15 minute talk in church!  It was super short notice (like a few hours before chuch), so I decided to talk about Lehi’s dream and about the different people in the dream and applied it to missionary work. 
We also met Joseph this week haha.  Turns out that there's a family here that their daughter joined the church a while back and served a mission and then moved to New Zealand. They loved how much she changed from learning so much on her mission and growing in such great ways that the dad decided to name the son Joseph.  Anyway super nice family.  We’ll definitely be returning.
We also had zone conference this week and we talked about living the higher law and see what heaven sees in you! Which I was like "What? Where's my mom?"  Literally was a mom devotional. It WAS AWESOME!! Loved it!! But it's soo true. We need to live in a way that we always do all that we possibly can because when we do all we can, we will be blessed with so many great things from Heavenly Father!! I know it's absolutely true!!
I love yo all soo much!! Have a great week!!!
Sister Neuberger

2 lbs of chocolate chips. Cookies for days!

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