Monday, April 17, 2017

Cross That One Off the Bucket List

Happy Easter!!  Hope everyone's Easter was splendid! Oh and happy birthday to Daniel and Savannah!!

I read this week in a very old Ensign about the olive tree being compared to Christ.  It said that it's a symbol of peace and it provides heat, light, lumber, ointment.  It is always green and always grows back just like Christ was resurrected.  Jesus came to the base of the mount of olives in Gethsemane.  Gethsemane means gath=press and shemen=oil.  Olives are pressed under great weight to squeeze precious oil from them like Christ in Gethsemane who was pressed under the weight of all the worlds sins.  I hope last week especially, but every week we remember all that Christ has done for us and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can do all things.  He is there for us in all our needs. 

In other news this week Gilia, a new investigator, seems to be excited about the lessons we are teaching her.  Sadly Carol is slowly becoming disinterested, but were hoping that we can change that this week.  Eduardo came to church this week!  He's such a happy old man and always talks to me, but i just smile and say, "Sim (yes)" because I don't totally know what he's saying at all. Hehehe

We also ate something that was kind of like tiki marsala without the spice and it was delicious!!  At another lunch we had ice cream!! And then that same day we ate like 4 more times because all the houses we went to were like, "You look hungry. Have some food." And we were like, "No, we're really good actually." But okay, so we had everything from ice cream to a peanut butter-type thing to hot chocolate. 

I have crossed crossing the highway on foot off my bucket list this week as we seem to do it several times a week because I guess the bridge is too far so it's faster. And it really gets the adrenaline going.  Which is good and bad because once the adrenaline stops and we keep walking I get a little sleepy in the next lesson and this last week I actually fell asleep in the lesson and everyone just laughed and then they fed us to wake me up. haha. 😋

It rained a lot this week which is a huge blessing because it is so ridiculously hot.  One day it was sunny when we went out and half way through the day the clouds rolled in and it poured and I was not ready for it in my white skirt. but it was all good. We were just a little soaked, but a member let us in and we got to teach them. 

I love you,

Sister Neuberger


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