Saturday, May 6, 2017

Don't Eat the Pistachio Ice Cream

So this week started of with me getting super sick from eating salad.  Lesson learned Dad.  I also probably had some heat stroke mixed in with that because after emailing last week we traveled to the main city of Fortaleza. That would have been super fun if I had know we were going so I was prepared for it.  Also if i hadn't been throwing up through the streets.  Let's just say I really left my mark in Fortaleza.  So after a fun 2 hours or so in the city I tried in my best Portuguese to tell my comp that I really needed to go home because not only was I throwing up I was also blacking out here and there.  So we went home and the rest of the day I just slept and she helped me out a lot calling the president's wife to know what medicine to have  the other sisters get me and told the members upstairs what was happening and then they gave us their food.  By the next day I was up and moving again.

Anyway super exciting news this week. Eduardo got baptized!!! He is such a happy old man and I think this just made him even happier!!!  We also talked to Marcus and Maria this week who are really interested in what we believe about life after death and how the plan of salvation works.  We talked to them for a while and they were excited to hear all about it. 

Other cool story of the week was as we were walking down the street, which we did a lot of walking this week because not many people really wanted to listen this week, and as I'm about to cross the street this guy calls us over. So I sprint back to make sure I don't get hit by the bus and we talked to this guy who had seen us walk by a few times and wanted to know what we were doing.  We told him we were missionaries and then he told us his friend was Mormon and h'es actually going to go visit his friend in two weeks and we were like well awesome! We told him a little about what we believe and then we told him to come to our activity next week where Elder Taylor and I are teaching English.  Yes, we get to teach English this week which they just told us about, but we don't have any time to prepare,so hopefully it goes well.  I'll just tell them, "Johnny, you've got to eat your lausagna."  haha Travis. 

Read Alma 32 this week it talks about faith and how even with the smallest amount of faith if we pray and seek to grow it it can grow and become magnificent.  Pray in faith and your faith will grow!

We also saw monkeys this week!!

Love you all so much thanks for the emails!!

Sister  Neuberger

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