Saturday, October 21, 2017

Faith Is Safe

Hey so not much time today. but woah I just want to say that when your doing what you're supposes to be doing Heavenly Father will for sure protect you!

This week we helped Liduina and Roberto get closer to marriage and they are excited and their kids are even more excited!!  And we got Breno the oldest to come to conference which was so awesome because now he's more open to talk about religion and God which is such a difference than a few weeks ago. We also talked to someone who knows a lot about the bible and he likes to answer his own questions so we were there for 2 hours, but its all good. We invited him to pray in faith because that’s the only way you can know for sure.  And that's my thought for this week that its only through faith that we can know of these things to be true we cant just take someone else's words. We have to be willing to seek and find and pray and have faith in him to know the gospel is true. 

Super exciting news this week. We found out that we will be starting a group in our area at the end of the month and I'm just so excited.  I'm hoping I get to stay here one more transfer so I can help with it. Because we have this group and the elders have another and they are opening a new town that’s never had missionaries in my mission this next transfer and it's super on the down low that they are thinking of splitting my mission next year sometime.  The work is moving forward and it's awesome!!!!

We also had ward almoco this week and it was like memorial day picnic Brasil style because it was byon 2 chicken and vinigrette veggies and juice!!  Great stuff!!!
Had a baptism too and Wanderson is so excited to serve a mission next year!!!

Happy birthday Ryan and Erin!! Hope you guys have a great week!!!
Rollerblading in this area has now bcome the new thing, in the evening all the kids are rollerblading or playing soccer; it's awesome!!  Though I don't know how long it will last with the rainy season trying to start.  We keep getting sprinkles of rain, but it doesn't stay long. It just stays long enough to make it hot and humid with the sun which is awesome.  

This week we worked on finding inactive members to tell them about the group that is starting in order to get them excited about it and how close it will be to them to walk. Most of the people in Rosalina stopped coming to church just because they didn't want to walk an hour to get there in the sun.  But this week we got to talk to a lot of them and we found some really great families and we also found a new family that is excited to know more.  We hope with the new closeness of the group they will be even more excited to come to church.  Oh and we got a few of the inactive members to come to church this week and then the group should be starting either this week or next!!

We also talked to Kauan and Pedro this week who are hilarious. They are some of the youth in this ward and they love Beverly Hills so every time we come to talk to them when we leave they always say tchau BEVELIHILLS! haha I die of laughter every time.

The family of the bishop owns a pizza place an one of the workers there they have been talking to about the church and it turns out that she actually was close to baptism at one point but then she moved and it didn't workout, but we talked to her at the end of church yesterday and the spirit was so strong and she is already starting to read the Book of Mormon which is awesome!!

Which leads me to my spiritual thought that sharing your light or your testimony is so important like it says in Matthew 5:16 let your light shine forth to others to help them feel of the love the lord has for them.  

Showing my support to the family back home by wearing the family team shirt for their Ragnar. Good Luck Fam!
Always be an example of the believers!
Lov you all!! Havea  fantabulous week!!!

Sister Neuberger 

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