Monday, October 23, 2017


And if you read the title of this letter and started singing the veggie tales theme song you're a winner!! (winner take a bow!!(that one's for KL and Marissa)) 10 points for Grifindor! (that one's also for KL) 

Anyway the bishop's family found a great family this week!! The mom works at the restaurant that the bishop's mother-in-law owns and it turns out that she had actually at one point in her life been taught by the missionaries, but moved before she could be baptized and never got in touch with the missionaries after she moved. But now with her husband and two kids they are all excited to learn more and loved church yesterday!  We also had FHE with them last night and the bispo made pizza! But we had FHE about the plan of salvation which is so cool I love it!! And its awesome to teach a whole family about it!!

We also had divisions this week in a tri because the other sister has chickengonia, so we stayed here with Sister Santos.  It was a good time and then it actually lasted a little longer than normal because the elders scheduled a random zone meeting on Saturday morning that was just to tell us about a cleft palet help fair the church is helping host and they gave us pamphlets to hand out.  So she stayed with us till after almoço which made the rest of the day super fast because we dropped her off with her comp (then got ice cream while waiting for the bus at the bus stop ($1 or 3 reies for a big cone with hot fudge and those star things with chocolate inside. Totally worth the dollar!!)). Then we headed back to our area to meet up with the elders for an interview for a baptism in our area, but it ended up not working out sadly. But hopefully in a few weeks! 

We also got cake twice in one night because Irma Nici gave us some of the cake that she had made that day and then Irma Geisa gave us left over cake from the birthday party of Gabriel! I LOVE CAKE!! And sugar!! Hehehe and then on Sunday Geisa gave us even more cake!! BEST DAY EVER!!! 

We also had rice with broccoli in it this week and I had pasta with broccoli this week too!!! It reminded me of home and how mom puts broccoli in almost everything!! Oh and we had Japanese food ish this week which was amazing!!

And we met a great new investigator who has a dog named Chocolate!! How cool is that we actually met them because of the dog because I was like ohhh your dog is so cute can I pet it (are you friendly can I pet you) and then we started talking to them!! It was great!

I love the verse in Matthew 7:7 about praying and asking and if we truly ask and seek we will be give all that we ask for maybe not in the time or the way we want but in the way we truly need it. Heavenly Father truly knows what's best for us even when we don’t understand right then why it was answered in that way. We will understand with time that everything will work together for good and is for our good!

Oh and I didn’t get transferred! Im staying here for the next transfer!

Love you all!! Have a super blast and a half week!

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