Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fourth Floor Last Door

I almost forgot to write a group email hehe whoops. I've been responding individually to all the other emails I've received. Much appreciated!

This week was another full week of lots of walking!  My legs are all muscle now haha. I also think we're hitting the heat of the year.  We had a bunch of appointments fall through this week so it was a little bit of a challenging week, but at the end of the week we found some great miracles!

Our less active is coming back to church and she is starting her mission papers! And her family now wants to possibly be baptized because they remember those times that they went to church and felt such great peace.  We also found a family that lives close to the bispo's house so we're hoping that everyone will keep wanting to learn more!

The bishop's wife made us pancakes well pancake-ish type food this week which was delicious!!!

We also had zone conference this week!  Also was a great inspiration to get to work and work even harder than you're working.  Lots about "fourth floor last door"  if any of you remember the conference talk from Elder Uchtdorf a few conference ago when he talked about the elders that knocked every door in the apartment building and only at the last door on the last floor did they get invited in to talk to the family and because of that they ended up baptizing the family.  Exactly what we needed to hear this week.  Also, always a great reminder that we have to remember to do all that we can to receive the blessing of heaven,.  We have to be ready to receive those blessing because if we're not prepared we can't receive those blessings in full.  Heavenly Father is always extending his hand to help us. We just have to reach out and grab it!  I love seeing those little miracles in people's lives here everyday that help them see the hand of Heavenly Father in their lives.  I hope we all prepare for those amazing blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for us!  

I love you all sooo much!!! have a wonderful week!!! 

Sister Neuberger

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