Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hold to the Rod

This week real fast cause I've got to go.  Anyway, it was a very loco week!! We literally walked every rua (street) and knocked every door in the ala itaperi (Itaperi Ward) this week!! Luckily we have two wards haha, but we knocked every door (500 fliers) to tell everyone about our talent show and open house this week!!  It was a great show we had a few people come from interior to present!!! They were fantastic!! We also had ward conference and had it packed with 180 people.  Our building isn’t that big so there were a few people standing in order get everyone in! It was awesome!!! And we had lots of new people there!! So this next week is going to be fantastic!!!!
Also my best friend Rosangela left for her mission this week to Londrina Brasil! I'm so excited for her!!
The most exciting part of this week was when we had a power outage and we were at the end of a big street in our area.  We could see the emergency lights of the church building in the distance and we were like, "Well, what to do now?"  Luckily I had my flashlight on me this day I don’t now know why, but I had it, so we at least had a light and we had the light of the church building in the distance to get to.  So we started walking and wow the amount of people in the streets, kids screaming basically chaos.  But we made it to the building and when we got there luckily Bispo was still there and to top it off he had coxinhas (fried chicken dumplings) for us!! Yay!!  Anyway I was thinking about this experience this morning and I thought about the iron rod and how we have to hold to the rod, but also keep moving on the rod to get to the tree or to the church building in this case.  We also need to be prepared by doing those small and simple things to be ready when disaster hits because we never know when its going to be and we don’t want to lose sight of our goal or lose hold of the iron rod.  It's crazy how well it was like the iron rod because there were so many people screaming and lost in the street, but as we shared our flashlight light with thethey could make it to their destination safely and we could get closer to the church building.  As we do those simple things we also have to share our light to help others come to the light of Christ to help them make it home and to his presence. And when we make it there it will be a festival of happiness and coxinhas!! Haha  anyway hope that makes sense because I'm writing fast.  Anyway I love you all soo much!!! Have a 

wonderful week!!
Sister Neuberger

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