Monday, June 5, 2017

Apartment Hunting

So this week we had hot dogs on Memorial Day!! After FHE with a family!!  I was like woah who told you its Memorial Day at home and all I wanted was that food hahaha. And on our way home fireworks went off and I was like this is awesome!!!  Also happy Fathers Day?

Zone conference this week.  President spoke to us about the power of prayer and how it's so important that your investigators pray for themselves so that their testimonies grows because if they don’t have a testimony of the gospel than they will not be ready for baptism.  So true prayer is so essential to growing a testimony, but also acting on those prayers with reading the scriptures and going to church.  Prayer has helped me so much because it is a time when we can pour out our thoughts and feelings to the Lord and he is there and listening and ready and willing to help.

Other news this week we went apartment hunting which was exciting and we'll probably move sometime next week I think.  I also held a baby monkey this week it was AWESOME!!! And soo cute!!  Oh and had the best pineapple juice eve. It was more creamy than watery, delicious!!  I also got to eat that sugary/honey treat this week that I love. I think there might be coconut in it too. I don’t know. Anyway, it's delicious!!  

I'm becoming besties with all the little kids because they love learning new English words and it helps me so much because then I have to study up on random nouns so I know what they are asking to say. When I don’t ,they describe it till I do which is so helpful.  Though the teens are helpful too because they help with making my sentences actually make sense which is great!!  Though I'm pretty sure this week I told someone that I was married and did drugs which isn’t true but oh well hahaha

Two of our new investigators who are, Jamila and Maila came to church yesterday and loved it and plan to come next week. We got to talk all the way home about sports and food and Disney. And then they went up to my comp and were like, "the other sister is so cool," and she was like "Oh I'm glad you like her so much." So I was like yess!! 

Even with my simple words I'm making friends!! I got a watermelon for a $1 which is awesome!!! And I also made mac and cheese of sorts with mozzarella cheese so more of just a cheesy pasta and Mom style mac and cheese with veggies and meat in it, delicious!! Oh and I made a “pastry” more like a sandwich with chocolate and bananas and put it in the panini press.  So good!!!

Almost got hit by a motorcycle while teaching which was exciting. Luckily I wasn't sitting back in my chair so I didn't get hit. Just the back of my chair did and there was lots of yelling in the street after that heehehe

The little kids also taught me the ABC song in Portuguese.  Its so much more catchy than the English version. 

I got to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting!! It was simple but well received by the ward. They loved that I tried my best!!

Sister Neuberger
Moroni 8:3

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