Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Moving

Hey, so I don't know how much time I have today because our internet went out this morning so we had to wait till now to get back on.  Happy Memorial Day! I hope someone played some Frisbee because we didn’t here because of the rain (and it's not a holiday),  Anyway this week has been exciting to say  the least with many tranfers of things an people.  Tuesday we got a call that we were needed in Jardim for a ten day transfer because two other sisters were sick. So we were going to be a trio with another sister there, but then the next day, as we were walking to district meeting, Sister Kubiak got a call that she was headed to Madacanao and I would be staying here in Jardim to be trained by Sister Riberito.  So we went back to our apartment, got our things and I left Sister Kubiak and started in my new area.  They are all very nice here.  It's more of a small town where everyone seems to know everyone and the streets are a little more confusing because there isn’t any main highway or main roads just a lot of winding, sandy roads, which we learned today makes the streets like rivers when it rains haha.  Sister Riberito is really nice. She laughs at me a lot because I don’t speak well at all, but she always asks to make sure I'm understanding which is nice and I think I really am understanding more even if I don’t speak well. No one understands what I say, but anyway. She loves to help everyone, so we wash and cook at almoco (lunch) and whatever other ways we can which is great because if I can't tell everyone how much they mean to me at least I can show it!  We also had two baptisms this week so to say the least the work is really moving here.  It was an older man and  12 yer old.  Oh and the elders in our district are so cool they are bringing pizza this week to district meeting because of the baptism!! And Elder Forriaita, a big black elder who has 4 weeks left on his mission came up to me and was like, "Are you scared of me because I'm so big and have such a low voice?" I laughed and said of course not haha, but he  said "Yea, the first few months are sooo hard." And he said, "I didn’t understand people and I'm Brazilian, but if you give it time the middle is great. And the end is even better because you see how the gospel really touches people and God loves every single one of us and will not let us fail!!" He said he knew the gospel was true at the start of his mission, but now he knows with out a  shadow of a doubt that it is true and that it is the most marvelous thing that we get to know and teach about.  

Anyway, so my comp has been out 5 months and is a little stressed from having to be a trainer and having to try to translate everyrthing, but we get along. I just try to make her laugh even when I don’t understand and I always have a smile on my face.  She's from Rio and thinks it's so cool that you served there, Dad.  She also is the first to serve in her family.  She's 20 as well.  So basically I'm going to have  real weird accent between first learning in Sao Paulo then coming here and then being taught by someone with a Rio accent haha.  

We had spaghetti this week with meat balls!!!! And last Pday we got to play volleyball with the youth. Also, I saw a shooting star last week while me and my comp were talking about them. How cool is that!!!!!  Oh and it actually was kind of cold last night. I used my bed sheet which is crazy!!! I love it!!  

I love this gospel and I'm glad I get to teach about it to others even if they don’t always understand me.  I know it will all workout as we speak through the spirit of the gospel.  I read Alma 56 this week about the army of Helaman not doubting that they could do hard things because that’s what their mothers taught. So I hope you all read that chapter and don’t doubt.

Love you all!! Sorry for the crazy sporadic letter! Have a terrific week!!!

Sister Neuberger
Alma 56

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