Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hope for a Better World

I hope everyone is safe and secure with all of the hurricane and rain that has hit the US.  You have been in my prayers.

It was a bit of a slower week because my companion's foot is hurting her when she walks, but we still made it through the week.  But it was also a harder week in finding people. We had to cut a lot of our investigators because they weren’t progressing.  Also happy Labor day and a few days later happy independence day for Brasil which also made it harder to find people this week because everyone went to the beach so not many people were here for the end of he week.

Transfer calls happened last night and my comp is leaving to open a new area and train which will be hard, but she can do it!  I am staying here with my new comp Sister Andre who is from Sao Paulo and that’s all I really know because she just arrived and then we came straight here to the lan house (internet cafe). 

The Silva family, a family in the ward with two adorable children, bought us pizza Friday night which was so nice of them.  We also got our t-shirts for our zone this week and it looks silly. 

My best friend came running up to me in the street the other day and I was like who is this small child that is hugging me? Ohhhh its my best friend Yohana!!  Shes 3 ½ and looks like Marissa when she was little and she for some reason she loves me even though she doesn’t really understand anything I say. 

Today is a day that we remember all those who fell at the act of terrorism.  September 11 will always be a day of remembering, but let us not dwell in the past but look forward to a brighter and better future; one with love and hope for a better world.  Ether 12:4 does a great job in telling us what we should do to hope for a better world.

Have a fantastic week!!​

Loving the children

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