Thursday, September 21, 2017

Member Missionaries

Well not much time to write this week because we spent the day cleaning our casa to get ready for a member of the Seventy to come see it this week during the mission tour.  Our casa got picked because it's pretty and clean #cleanestcasa.  But even cooler, my companion Sister Andre (who is amazing, so spiritually minded, but also is a huge jokster) got picked to be interviewed by him this week which is so exciting.  Anyway if you couldn't tell I think my comp is awesome. She has already taught me so much this week. Not just with the language, but really teaching people not just lessons; to really hear what people are saying and teach to their needs and not just the next lesson.  

We also had a fun time going to the hospital this week which was nice a whole day in a/c and the first time I've had an IV. Great times as they are telling me what they are giving me and then asked if I'm allergic to any of it, well let's hope not because I don't know what any of those things are in portuguese. But i'm guessing that I'm not and it turns out I was not allergic so where good. Anyways, turns out had some bad water/dehydrated/probably stressed out with transfers and what not. That's why I got super sick.  It was awesome!  

Also met David Archuleta this week or the real life look alike; an elder in my district or at least the 14 year old David Archuleta.  This elder literally looks like he is the 14 year old David.  Me and my comp joked about it with him and told him to sing to us, he got super embarrassed. It was hilarious.  

Fortaleza won the soccer game this week and it was chaos in the streets and hard to teach, but also fun to really be a part of the Brazilian life because we live really close to the soccer stadium.  Oh and we also saw capoeira this week which is so coool and just so brasil i love it!! You can google it.

We had zone conference this week and President talked about teaching people that members know so they already have a friend and also to get members to give Books of Mormon to their friends with their favorite scriptures marked so they can bring their testimony to their friends.  It's so true there is so much power in member missionaries and they can do so much.  Just by sharing your testimony it can go along way.   2 Nephi 28:30

Love you all tons!!! Have a grandious week!!!!

Sister Neuberger

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