Thursday, September 21, 2017

Love One Another

This week we had divisions, but they were a little diferente than normal because instead of the sister trainer leader coming here and one of us going there, instead we both went to their area because Sister Martinez has chickengonia. So one of us stayed with her for a couple of hours while the other two went and taught and then we switched after a few hours.  It was different but we got it all done and then we ordered pizza. In the morning we had tapioca which is different than in the USA.  Tapioca is a fine powder kind of like flour that you cook in a pan that makes things that look kind of like white bread pancakes and if done right kind of chewy.  You can eat them with chocolate or make them savory with eggs.  It's their form of crepes. 

Isabel and her daughters are doing great and we taught them about family history this week and they're excited to get started.  They also bought us water bottles because they said they can't stand seeing us have super old water bottles with the flimsy plastic.  So now we have chic new water bottles.

Woke up at 4:00 this week to catch the bus to get to the secretary office to drive by car another 20 minutes into the city of Fortaleza to get my CPF (a form of license for me in Brasil). It was a grand old time and I got to see Sister Clark my first companion from the CTM.  It was fun to converse about how our missions are going so far. 

I read in 1 John this week. I really like in 4:9-11 it talks about loving one another and how Heavenly Father loved us so much that he sent is son to die for us that we might live again and how that is the grandest example to us all.  May we love one another so much that we care to help/have compassion and to make everyone around us feel welcome.   A smile and a friendly hello can go a long way.

Have a super-duper fantastic week and love all those around you!

Sister Neuberger

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