Monday, November 6, 2017

Families Are Forever

This week was probably one of the Best weeks of my mission!  

We had a really busy week with 3 baptisms and a wedding! All went really well!!  We did have to got to the church building a few times yesterday to make sure that the font was ready to go for the baptism which did make me a little more sunburnt than usual, but totally worth it.  (We live about 25 minutes by foot from the closest church building)

In other news, the group started this week in Rosalina and they started out with a great number. 53 people which is awesome. Basically a branch. So hopefully it just keeps growing!! 
We also had our first lunch ever with Edilmilson who is about 84 years old and his bday was last week. Anyway he was so excited  to have us over for lunch. He had his in-house chef make us crème de galinia!! My favorite! And he made black beans with a ton of other food and for dessert he made pudim and chocolate cake!!! SOOO good and I was soo full by the end.  But it was a great time. Edimilson told us all these stories about his life when he worked with the federal police in Brasilia.  It was so fascinating and fun to get to know him more. 

We had the wedding of Liduina and Roberto and then after, they got baptized by their son Davi! Such a satisfying and happy moment!! The happiness on their faces just made me so happy!!  And then they all came to church the next day excited to learn more about being a family forever!  I know that we can truly be families forever. Through the blessings of the atonement and temples we can all live again with Heavenly Father with our families and that brings me so much joy and happiness!!  

We also had the baptism of Maria Fernanda who is 10, but it made it so her mom came to church for the first time and hopefully will want to continue to learn more.

I also ran into a new family in the ward which actually happens to be a family from my first area.  When I was there the kids got baptized, but the parents weren’t married so they couldn’t get baptized.  Well the dad ended up splitting up with the mother and the mother and the children moved here and the mother was so excited because now she could get baptized which is what she's wanted sense the first time she went to church.  I was so excited to see them all.  It's all in the Lord's timing is what she said and it is so true. It is all in his timing! He knows what we need and when we need it. We just have to be willing to be patient and willing to receive the blessings he sends.

Have a marvelous week!!!  Love you all!!

Sister Neuberger

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