Monday, December 18, 2017

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

With Pres and Sis Leite
This week we had our missionary Christmas Conference.  It was fantastic!  For the first few hours we heard from President and his wife and a few other members and then we had a little break before we came back into the cultural hall and President surprised us by allowing us to watch "A Christmas Carol" which is always a good classic to bring in the Christmas season.  And we got to watch it in English which was slightly weird to hear so much English.  And then we had a great feast and listened to all the classic Christmas music and had some wonderful skits put on by each zone.

Anyway, besides that not much happened this week.  We made cookies with Erica and family which was so fun and her grandma said that my cookie making skills were good enough that I can get married now haha.  Actually, this was a big break through because usually her grandma is super closed off and doesn't talk to us. So I'm glad that cookies could be a good ice breaker!  

In the spirit of Christmas just one week away I wanted to share a scripture I love that really reminds us what the best gift we've been given is.  In 2 Nefi 19:6 he tells us about the prince of peace Jesus Christ.  He is the best gift we could ever receive because only through him can we live again with our families for eternity!!  And I am so thankful for this gift and I'm so glad I have a  chance to share it as all of us do!!  

Have a  Merry little Christmas!!

Sister Neuberger

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