Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Feliz Natal!

Feliz Natal!

We finally had the batismo of Daniel!  He is one of our long time investigators who loves coming to church, but he just didn't want to stop drinking café. However, this week we gave him more cevada (a warm drink made from grain) and he liked it and decided that his mom can make him that in the morning instead of coffee and so he was ready to be baptized.  We were all pumped for his baptism, but it was also the same night as the ward party (which by the way was like our normal Christmas sacrament meeting with the readings from the scriptures and singing and it was great).  So we had to wait till the ward party was over to have the baptism which almost didn't happen because of when the party ended.  So it was like the fastest baptism ever because we had to get home and we made it in casa with 30 seconds to spare. 

He was so happy!  And the coolest part was we had one of our returning members baptize him because he's been strong with coming to church and helping with different things.  Anyway he received the priesthood last week and he was able to baptize him.  Such a coool spiritual experience!!  He was so nervous but it all worked out! 

Christmas Eve we went around singing to random families we met on the street and shared a message about Christ with them. It was so fun and by the end we had a few of the youth in the ward join us it was fantastic!!!

Also on Christmas Eve and our presidente let us stay out till 10:00 and we got invited to so many places that we were booking it from one place to another and we ate so much food I thought I was going to explode but all of it was delicious!!!  And we got to be a part of various family traditions which was so fun. But the best was when we were invited to our investigators' house to celebrate with them and what we didn't know until we arrived was that they had prepared a 4 course meal for us, literally just us and their family.  So we let our stomachs rest a little and gave a little Christmas message to them and sang a few Christmas carols and watched the Light the World vídeo and woah the Spirit was so strong!!!  They just wanted to keep watching more of the vídeos about Natal (Christmas). It was fantastic! Then we began the feast and yeah I think I was just one bite away from exploding by the end, but it was all so good!! Turkey and other Brazilian dishes and pineapple sorbet!!  And chocolate cake!!!  It was delicious and a great way to end the night!!!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!! But also please remembered the true meaning of Christmas that it truly is about the birth of Christ. It is only through him that we have the chance to live with our families for eternity!!  I love reading Luke 2 today because it talks about the birth of Christ the best presente that we can receive. 

Merry Christmas!!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Neuberger

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