Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Coco e craziness

So late last night (missionary time haha like around 10:00) we got a call that I will be transferred to a new area tomorrow.  I will have a new comp and we get to open two areas!  It should be exciting and a lot to cover, but I hear the wards there are super amazing and really helpful so I'm excited though I am sad to leave my home and my family of the ala Jardim Uniao.  And to leave my comp because she's awesome, but I knew I would be transferred this next week anyway because I've been here in my area for about 9 months, but I'm still in shock with it all.  I know that with the Lord all things are possible and as we rely on him he will guide us and strengthen us and show us what we need to do.  Like in Luke 1:37 says that with God nothing is impossible and it's so true!! We can do all things and more with him because he will never leave us  we just have to ask for his help. 

Anyway, this week was great we had so many moments where we were like I think we need to go see this investigator and then they would end up not being home and we would be like wait why were we prompted to come see them if they aren’t home and then like 3 seconds later we would either run into another investigator of ours our we would meet a new person that needed to hear about the gospel in that moment and that God loves them. It was incredible.  It happened 4 times this week!!  And it was so amazing!! The spirit was so strong after we talked to them and we were just like, "Wow! It's all int the Lord's timing."

I also had cats follow me home two different days this week and I don’t know why haha.  Though we did end up saving a kitten that got stuck in a hole so that was cool.

We also get so much agua de coco (coconut water) that the guy now just laughs when we come and sometimes gives us free agua de coco so that’s awesome!!!!  #ifeellikemomatdierbergs

Love you all soo much!! Have a super great week!!

Sister Neuberger

Agua de Coco (can't be any fresher than this)

Quesedilla Fortaleza styl

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