Monday, January 15, 2018

Fire Hydrants

So I so don't have any time today to write although I want to write a bunch about my new area, but today i received so many birthday wishes that I'm so thankful for!!  I'm using all my time to respond back.

Anyway my new areas are Itaperi and Serrinha! The first few days in a new area is like drinking out of a fire hydrant (thanks Kyle for the analogy). Itaperi is amazing!!the Bispo called us up the first day and took us around to different members' homes and showed us where the lanhouse (internet cafe) is and the supermarket which was great. Then we went back to his house and ate ice cream with his fam!  My favorite!!  The next day and the rest of the week he had youth lined up to teach with us to help us around and show us how to get to recent converts' houses and then the second day he called us up and was like, "I'm going to meet up with you guys at 5 and go teaching with you all.  Which is great but also super intimidating because he's best friends with our mission president so you know all of everything that happens will be relayed back to our president, but it all went well and he is so nice. I haven't figured out who he reminds me of, but he reminds me of someone.  He also loves making street contacts which is awesome!!the other ala (ward) is a little more closed off so it's a little harder to find where things are. The old elders who lived here didn't really leave an area book, so it's just all on us to find people, but it's so fun because we don't know where anything is and our area is really big so there's so many people to talk to .  

We live right next to the airport and there's so many more main roads in our area.  We also live in a little more of a rich area, but there are still parts that are not so rich. But every road is paved and there are so many trees and one part looks like the Amazon!! which is really cool. I want to take a picture, but it's not super safe in that area so we'll save that for another day. heehe.

Our new apartment was disgusting when we arrived. The odor coming for inside was terrible, but the members were soo nice and helped us clean and now it's a lot better.  One lady in the Itaperi ward (Silvia) wants to serve a mission so badly so she's always ready to hep the missionaries which is awesome!!!

My comp is from Peru and is 22 years old.  This is her last transfer, well actually its her plus one transfer because she asked to stay one more transfer.  She's really nice and loves to hug.  She's also shorter than me.  Her accent is still pretty strong too, so it's really fun seeing who will understand us. Most people do, but there are a few that are like, "What are you saying??" And it's super funny when that happens because than we have to talk really slowly and say things a billion times, but it's all good.  

We also had an activity night with the wards and it was so fun!! We played a question game and my team lost, but it was still super fun with everyone dancing when they gained a point.  
Also, on Sunday a few of the members from my old ward visited me which was a fun surprise!  And the craziest thing that was awesome that happened was when our investigator Fransico showed up for  church. He was the last person that I thought would come to church because he was like, "No, I don't think I'll go, but maybe someday." And low and behold he showed up that day!! It was awesome! And he was so well received!!  I'm soo excited to see the miracles that the Lord has in store for us in this area!!  Heavenly Father loves us so much and blesses us so much everyday!! he is always there for us we just have to be ready and willing to accept his help.

Love you all sooo much!! Have a stupendous week!!! and thanks for the birthday wishes!!!  We're going to eat açaí to celebrate! And tomorrow a family invited us over for dinner to cellebrate my b-day, so it will be a great week!!! 

Sister Neuberger

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