Friday, March 31, 2017

De Boa Na Lagoa

Hello everyone!! I hope everything is great at home because it's great here (in the lagoon haha) in our last week in the MTC!!  Were all excited and nervous for the field. I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks!  Our teacher the other day was telling us about what to expect and about all the large favorite part!!

Which goes along with a great story about my comp who got scared by a spider that was probably one of the smallest spiders I've ever seen, but she flipped out and was like that is THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I cracked up and got it to crawl out the window. 
It was a great week for my comp. During breakfast one morning, one of the elders in our district dropped his smoothie and he went to go clean it up.  Meanwhile another elder came by to fill up his cup and then left.  His cup was still being filled, so my comp saw this from across the way and she didn't want it to overflow, so she sprinted across the cafeteria and totally slipped on the spilled smoothie from the other elder in our district.  I could not stop laughing and Elder Burningham the elder in our district had just gotten back from getting cleaning stuff to clean up the mess.  it was soo funny!!

I think I have broken my wrist trying to make that snapping noise with my hand in my efforts to be Brazilian, but on the plus side now I can make the noise... I don't know if that's my wrist just popping or if I actually got it to work. 

Saturday was an excellent day for proselyting!  My favorite people we talked to were the last two. Mike and Jennifer grew up in Sao Paulo.  They were so nice and so patient and just so grateful for the Book of Mormon that we shared with them.  We had a lot of time left, so we helped some newer elders figure out how to talk to people and who to talk to and after that they were having a great time.  They were like woah you guys are so good at it and we were like nah we just try our best and let the Lord take care of the rest!

I also got to give a talk in Portuguese to my branch this past Sunday.  It went wellish.  I don't know if anyone really understood it, but I tried my best hehe.  I also got a cold this week so I've been trying to lay low a little so I can get better before the field. 

The devotional this week was from President Grau. He talked about how we need to put on the full armor of God and that we all will still go through struggles, but happiness is a choice and we have to make it our choice!!  They also played that music clip of the little girl who sings Gethsemane and is so cute.  He told us to read D&C 103:36

The temple was great and I'm so going to miss going every p-day, but hopefully the Fortaleza temple will be built quickly!

Anyway, tha'ts about it for here in the MTC.  We got donuts with our teachers today and we leave at 3 am on Tuesday!!

I love you all!! Thanks for the emails!!

Write to you in probably a week and a half!!

Sister Neuberger

Alma 2   Alma 7:12  Mosiah 26:23

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