Friday, March 10, 2017

Learning Japonese in Portuguese

This week the Brazilians learning Japanese started teaching us Japanese through Portuguese so we had to translate it to English so we could translate it back to Japanese.  IT was awesome!!!!

The biggest news of the week was that our district got split.  They realized how cool we were so they split us.  haha jk. They split us because 3 missionaries came from Provo,  so I now have a new comp and a new district with four other elders.  My new comp is way good at the language because she already knows Spanish, so I'm a little lost in lessons, but I'm praying everyday that I will understand everything that is happening.  Also you can tell the age of my new district. They are all fresh out of high school, so I feel a little old and miss Sister Wixeler who was also my age.  My new comp is kind of quiet, but super nice. We get along.

To finish up my last days with my old district someone found a ping pong ball and the guys started trying to get it into a cup with different cool tricks.  It was hilarious and I am going to miss my old district a lot. 

On Sunday I got to play the flute for Fast Sunday which was awesome. The flute was well worn but still worked great!!  Also, last week we went to the temple and it was beautful. I love going to the temple each week. If you live near a temple go as often as you can. It is such an amazing experience and the blessings are so great!!

Mr Cheney's cookies are delicious, but not as good as Mom's! (Mr. Cheney's is a shop across from the MTC that is well known to anyone who has been to the Brazil MTC)

This week was way stressful because we started TRC which is them recording our lessons so we can watch and discuss them later. We also started splits this week which I really liked. My comp was awesome and made sure I understood everything that was happening and our lessons went really well.  Then because of our district splitting, we had to teach two lessons to our teachers a day which is stressful because we don't have a lot of time and that's when I was like "I have no idea what is happening in our lesson," but as the day progressed it got better.  I also have to teach the Relief Society lesson this week which is stressful, but luckily it's in English!

In the middle of our lessons this week the back board hanging on the wall fell off and freaked our whole class out and then later the light fell from the ceiling and we were like "oh  my goodness the classroom knows were getting split." 

In devotional this week I really liked the how he said our faith grows when we are diligent in reading the scriptures.  We have to start our studies with prayer. Also in Elder Holland's talk he talked about how our trials are hard, but not as hard as the Savior's and that we all must walk through our own Gethsemane on the road to salvation. 

I met someone that lives somewhat close to STL!!! Best day EVER!! He lives in Edwardsville and though that's now super close he at least knew where Creve Coeur is and is a Cards fan, so that made my day!!

We went to the police on Thursday to get our passports checked and to get our finger prints scanned. It was a fun experience and the best part was when this little girl around 5 came over and asked me to color with her.  She taught me the colors of the rainbow in Portuguese. I loved it and am glad I'm in Brazil to teach the gospel.

Anyway we only get 45 minutes to email, so I have to go, but I love you all.  Have a superb week and I can't wait to talk to you all again real soon!!!  I love you all so much!!!!

Helaman 5:12  Alma 14-17

Sister Neuberger

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  1. Love reading about your weekly progress & everything involved w/serving a mission for our Hvnly Father. I'll never be able to have this wonderful opportunity as a young adult. I pray for your safety & for courage to flourish w/in you. It's a difficult task to step out in faith day after day. I agree you are not alone. There are so many on the other side of the veil assisting you.
    We are so proud of you Sister Neu!
    PS-I wld've 💜 the coloring as well, fun times.