Friday, March 17, 2017

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I don’t even know where to begin this week was THE BESTEST!!!

So to start, we went proselyting in the busiest street in Sao Paulo and it was amazing!! We got to hand out six Books of Mormon and had some great experiences like the first guy we talked to was so excited about the bible and so excited to know there was something that goes with the bible.  Another one that I really liked was when we decided to talk to the guy standing next to us waiting to cross the street and we just started talking. He told us how his friend is Mormon and he was so excited when we gave him a book because he said he’s always has kind of wanted to know more.  So, that started the week off really well!!  Also, my comp is fabulous and because she knows Spanish her Portuguese is loads better than mine, so I would always start the conversation and when I couldn’t remember a word she was right there to pick up what I was saying. Sooo good!!

On Sunday a few points from the talks and devotional that I really liked were: we need to have patience, obedience, hope, and humility on our missions, we need to work hard= bring the spirit=teaching with the spirit=touching hearts=no homesickness because you’re focused on the work.  The best point though was Heavenly Father expects perseverance not perfection and it’s so true.  As long as we are doing all that we can to be like him, he will help us the rest of the way.  I have felt that so much this week in our lessons as I try to learn Portuguese and understand what people are saying and how I should respond. 

I also gave the Relief Society lesson this week and it went well.  I had lots of questions to ask the class and a lot of scriptures to discuss. And luckily some of the girls were big into story telling.  We talked a lot about baptism; 

We also had FHE as a floor that night, which was so good.  They talked about the iron rod and how we need to keep moving to get closer to the tree to partake of the fruit.  They even gave us the greatest marshmallows EVER!! They were rainbow and looked like little rods. Anyway, sadly those Brazilians that gave the lesson left this week, but they are going to be amazing in the field. 

My comp and I have been on fire this week with our lessons and listening to the spirit to know what to teach, especially in our member lesson because we kind of were prepared but not fully. But it went really well and you could feel the spirit as we taught. 

On the Tuesday devotional I really liked the point that we need to believe love it, live it and teach it;  harder the work the better the work and 18 months to serve a life time to remember. 

My comp reminds me a little of Gina, so we get along so well.  She’s from Arizona;  but she sadly is not going to my mission.

The Brazilians pronouncing my name are hilarious. They cannot do it.  My teacher just mumbles something that vaguely sounds like Neuberger.  We all get a kick out of it. 

Also, this week the dryers stopped working so we had to make forts out of our clothes to get them to dry which was quite fun! They also had fruit soup this week which is my favorite and it had mangos and kiwi in it!!  And the oatmeal had oatmeal in it all week!!,

I realized this week that Elder Hatch in my district is a mixture of Noah and Daniel Larson so it’s way funny every time he talks.  And it turns out Elder Taylor knows Noah from Sky Mountain.  SMALL WORLD!!

Some Spanish elders from Spain came this week and they told us about how they lived in the US for a while and how people always thought they were from the US till they talked and then they were like whaattt?? and they always thought it was hilariouus!

Lastly this week we played a lot of volleyball and last night I was on the guys’ team because my skills have improved a little. But not fully because at one point I got wrecked by the ball and Elder Taylor because neither of us called for the ball. But I was fine and he was fine and I just died of laughter. 

We also got our teacher off topic yesterday and he told us all about the cookies and corruption and culture in Brazil.  Oh, and my old teacher just got engaged!! We’re all excited for her.

Anyway, have a fabulous week!! Love you all!!

Sister Neuberger

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