Friday, March 31, 2017

Do It For the Lunche

So this week was great. Nothing too exciting, but a great week nonetheless.  I'm mean we made it a month!!!!!

The weather has been amazing this week. It's been in the low 70s in the day and high 60s at night.  I actually have to use a blanket at night.

We have really stepped up our game in volleyball and I've been trying to learn different terms in Portuguese which has been tons of fun.  I also can tell I understand a lot more than I used to this week as we were doing divisions and the elders teaching us were talking really fast and my comp was like "I have no idea whats going on," and I got to explain what was happening. I mean I was still missing out on a lot of words, but I got the gist of everything!!!  Now speaking back in full sentences is a different story.

Our district has now become best friends with the Hispanic district and we trade lunche (snack) with them at the end of the night so if any of us are having a bad day we just say "do it for the lunche" because everyone is always excited about what we will get for lunche and its always delicious. Chocolate, fruit juice, and a muffin.  Also at lunch they had this amazing chocolate caramel sauce with a cookie thing it was AMAZING!! 

The mission president of one of the Sao Paulo missions knows the Neiferts so that was fun small world stuff.  Also the devotional was super good as well.  He spoke about how we need to act quickly on spiritual promptings because they are always of importance and you never know the affects they can have on others.  

Also at breakfast this week the Spaniards dared my comp to eat weird mixtures of food like hot dogs and chocolate it was hilarious.  We also found a triple banana in one and it looked sooo weird!!  We also had a water fight this week with the Spaniards after activity at the drinking fountain and somehow didn't get in trouble. Luckily it's all outside, so it all dried rather fast and I would like to say that I totally won the fight.  

Another great quote from Elder Ballard this week was to forget yourself and be filled with the love of God so we can be an instrument in his hands.  

Anyway that's it for the week.  Hope you all have a splendid week.  I love you all!!!  Thanks for the emails!!

Alma 26. 3-6  Mosiah 18

Sister Neuberger

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