Monday, May 15, 2017

Trust In Him

Hello everyone I hope you all had fantastically fabulous weeks!!

Two different scriptures I read this week and really liked (they kind of connect) were D&C 50:40-44 which connects to Helaman 1:5. These verses talk of how we are all still learning but if we build ourselves on a sure foundation we cannot fall because Heavenly Father is there to help us in all things. And these connect to Peter 5:6-7 which talks about how he will help us as we humble ourselves and trust in him because he loves us so much each individually and wants to see us succeed!

This week we had 3 baptisms!!!  An older man named Geraldo and two teenagers who are siblings Anderson and Vitoria which I think I already talked about them. Because they got baptized this week their dad and older sister Nataua also came to church!! Such a great Sunday! We hope that as we keep teaching them that Nataua and their dad will want to be baptized and we can have a whole family and they can be that much closer to going to the temple as a family! Beause that's what its all about!

We also got the members to help us this week with a couple of the youth joining us on lessons and an adult in a few other lessons and since Geraldo is in a wheelchair we are relying on the members to help him get to church every Sunday and so far so good.

The members are so nice here.  They all have heard of how I got sick off of feijoada (which in fact I got sick off of the salad but nonetheless) so they make sure not to make it when we come, but a family did this week and they knew I had gotten sick so they made me a totally different meal and I felt so bad that they went through all that trouble but they were so happy to do it to make sure I didn't get sick.  It was delicious and it was beef!  We also had enchilada type things on cinquo de maio!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!  Wasn't expecting it at all and it was a nice change from rice and beans. It might have not been spicy but it was so delicious!!  Oh and at another almoco we had fruit soup a personal favorite of mine! Basically its a bunch of different soup in a very liquidy doce de leite sauce.  And now just thinking about it I want to eat it! 

I saw a Star Wars shirt on the fourth be with you day and too sadly that doesn't rally translate into portugues but i tried my best. 

Our building for church is huge. I think it might be a stake center.  The roads are all different some are paved some are stones it just depends.  I also made it through my first transfer!! Sister Kubiak and I are both staying in Messajana in the Barroso area.  My first transfer and her last one.  We also saw cows running up and down the street this week as we waited for the bus for our district meeting.  They were hilarious and really on the move.  Oh and we saw this guy stand up on his motorcycle while he was going down the street! Craziness!!!!

That's it for the week!! Have a superb week!! Love you all!!

Sister Neuberger
Alma 26:37

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