Saturday, May 6, 2017

Honey Bees

Happy birthday this past week to Dad, Andrew, Jared, Josh and Maddie and Deedee (though I think theirs were a month ago, but I don't remember).

Anyway we had many meetings this week with district meeting as always and then a district conference and then a zone conference which had some of the Fortaleza mission there which meant i got to see Sister Weixler which is always awesome because she's awesome!  I loved Sister Marriott's talk about how we need to teach how families can be together forever and that the Book of Mormon is truly another Testament of Christ.  After zone conference I almost missed getting on the bus, but I jumped on as it was moving, so its all good haha.

We also got to witness an eight year old in our ward get baptized this week and we brought one of our investigators who is hesitant to get baptized, so hopefully she could feel the spirit and the joy that this child had from being baptized.  They also had cake after that was like gooey buttercake mixed with real cake to say the least it was AMAZING!!!

I read a talk by Elder Ballard this week from Oct. 2012 how we if we all did small acts of kindness everyday think about how much better the world would be and how happy we and others would be. He compared it to bees and how they are only able to make a small amount of honey in their lifetime, but with them all working together they make a large sum of honey.  We can do the same with showing kindness and compassion towards others. 

As it was pouring down rain yesterday we were still able to get three of our investigators to church!!!! Well two and Anderson's little sister decided to come too, so it made it 3. Anderson and Victoria loved Young Womens and Young Mens and Sunday School.  And Gerardo liked the lesson on faith in Sunday school, so hopefully we can progress with them this week in teaching. 
Lots of walking, lots of talking. It's hard work, but if we try our best and serve with full purpose of heart the reward can be satisfying. 

Sister Neuberger
Ether 12:4  Alma 32:9-10

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