Monday, August 28, 2017

Liken Them Unto Ourselves

Well the most exciting news this week was as we were about to teach this lady sitting on the ledge of the side walk, all of a sudden all of these police cars showed up and first I was like, "Oh no, I look suspicious and am getting deported, but that wasn't the case as the police all ran past us into the house next to us for what I assume was a drug bust.  So we decided to get out of the way and head to a different street.  

We had the baptism of Edimilson after it being on and then off and then on again because his sister got sick and he had to take her to the hospital.  We didn’t think it was going to happen, but he was like, "No, I want to get baptized today." So it happened.  He's amazing and loves the spirit the gospel brings. 

Not much happened this week.  I got to play futsal of sorts with the kids of Isabel's which was way fun!!! And we also got pizza this week from the stake president and from the members as a welcome to your new home gift cause we moved houses this week. 

I read in 1 Nephi this week and I really like 1 Nephi 19:23 that says to liken the scriptures unto ourselves which is so important to be able to get all the wisdom and knowledge that we can from them! I love the scriptures and know that they are our road maps home!  and so much of the stories of old can be seen in our day.

I love you all sooo much!!! And hope you all are having a splendid end to summer!!! And are ready for fall!

Sister Neuberger

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