Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Finally got Mom's box
So this week I ate Panalada which for those of you who don’t know what that is, it's basically all the parts of an ox that you would think you shouldn’t eat like the fat, the skin, the hair, everything, but I kindly ate it because Irma Doce was so excited to cook it for us. But let's just say it didn’t taste great the first time and the second time was not much better.  Hehehe  Luckily the members are awesome here and were willing to help.  They gave me medicine and more food which I didn’t really want, but ate anyway.

Avenue of Things Missed
Ana and her family of two little girls and Isabel and her two little girls all came to church again yesterday and they are really loving it both the children and the adults which is awesome!  The little girls which are 4 don’t love the walk back home, but they love primary. 

We also had splits this week and woah we talked to so many people or at least I tried and then Sister Santos would translate. Later she very politely told me that my Portuguese was not good and that I needed to work harder because I've almost been here for 6 months.  So definitely going to work harder because I want to be fluent so very badly. 

On the plus side this week, we were visiting a recent convert and when we walked in he was watching "How I Met Your Mother" which made for great conversation about TV shows and Netflix and got me talking a lot. Now Caulaun wants an English Portuguese dictionary so he can learn English so he can watch the shows in English. 

We also had pancakes this week at Irma Geisa's casa!! So good!! Best day ever!!

My comp and I are staying here for the next 6 weeks.  I'm glad I don’t have to say goodbye to the Nilsons just yet or Joici or anyone else in the ward because they're awesome! 

I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese (well half Portuguese) this week!! And I know that it is true that it is written for us for our day and that it will give us revalation for our day and answer any and all of our questions!  Just like in the last chapter in Moroni says if we read it and ask in faith we can know that it is true. 

Have a spectacular week!!!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Neuberger
2 Nephi 26:25

PS Photos added to the last couple of posts. Like chicken pox pics. Go back and check them out.

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