Monday, August 7, 2017

Neuberger Style

So this week I decided to be a Neuberger and when I saw a sale on ice cream I decided to not just get one container, but two because when their $3 why not?  My comp thought I was insane to get that much ice cream, but she doesn’t know the Neuberger family and how much we love ice cream/how much ice cream we can eat.  Ice cream is a little different here because when it melts it's no longer like melted ice cream or like a milk shake. The liquid seems more watery. I don’t know how to describe it. 

Sacrament this week was amazing. We had 7 investigators there, but in the beginning we didn’t think anyone was going to show up. This especially scared us because Saturday night Ana got baptized (which I'm so excited about because she's awesome and now her daughter whose 7 can't wait to get baptized) and in sacrament meeting she was going to have the blessing of receiving the Holy Ghost, but they still hadn’t arrived 10 minutes into sacrament meeting. So we were so sad about that and plus our other investigator who was suppose to get baptized after church hadn’t showed up either. So we were really sad and stressed, but then right before the passing of the sacrament, in came not only Ana and her family, but Roberto and his brother and his parents!!!!  His parents aren’t members and haven’t ever really been excited about the church. Davi the brother is a member. Anyway they all came!!   Ana was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and then after church Davi baptized Roberto and woah the light of the gospel grew even more in Davi’s eyes. He was in tears after the baptism and couldn’t thank us enough for teaching his brother and then allowing him to baptize his brother.  And the parents were actually excited about the baptism and stayed and talked to other members in the ward for a long time after the baptism.  So great week all and all! 

I love the gospel so much. And I love how much as we bare our testimonies and do the small things like read or scriptures, pray, go to church, we can see that these things aren’t so small, but large in size because they are the things that make us strong in the gospel and in our lives.

I gave the lesson for Family Home Evening this week and though it was hard to understand for the majority of people (and I still really struggle with asking questions so it was rough), but by the end I got a discussion going about the topic which was overcoming our trials of faith and how Heavenly Father is always there to help us overcome. Anyway, we had people baring testimony about the love of God by the end. It was great, although it had nothing to do with me or me helping because they couldn't really understand me, but the Spirit was still there. Although it's still really hard for me to see the reason I'm struggling sooo much with the language, but every time I get to pray I feel strength and peace.  I know it's true.  I hope can be more fluent by the end, but I guess if I can at least show that I love people and really want to help in whatever way possible, that's, but I'm still really working to get the gift of tongues.

Have a fantabulous week!

Sister Neuberger
2 Nephi 26:25

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