Monday, February 5, 2018

The Train of Life

January 29, 2018
Super cool experience this week as we were looking for this family that just was recently baptized in the last few months we ended up finding another family.  Here is what happened: we were looking for the family that was recently baptized with the address that we were given and it turns out it was the entirely wrong address, but we didn’t know that so we arrived at the door as this lady was in her front room talking on the phone and she got up and opened the gate and let us in and we sat down, thinking it was the family because the lady didn’t act surprised at all so we assumed she knew the elders that had been serving in our area.  About 5 minutes later after she got off the phone we learned that she wasn’t the mom of the family we were looking for, but it turns out one of her friends was talking to her about our church these last few weeks. So when we showed up she thought that we had been sent by her friend, but really that's not what happened at all.  But it was awesome because like 5 minutes into getting to know her she told us about the crazy story about her son getting super sick and was in the hospital for 3 months and they didn’t think he was going to make it but he and his mom had faith that he would and he made it. Now he's out of the hospital and getting better and better everyday.  Anyway from this experience they know miracles happen and want to get baptized as soon as her son is capable to get into water again.  Basically what missionaries dream of and what an awesome miracle for us!  We were soo excited the rest of the day!

We also met the mom of a recent convert in our other ward and she just got back from traveling and is super excited to get baptized too! And it was suppose to happen this week but she and the rest of her kids got pink eye so were thinking Saturday is when she will be baptized!
We also had zone conference this week and amongst convincing our zone that me and Elder Chandler are cousins because he lives in Chicago and I live close by so to Brasilians we have to be related some how, we also learned about how being diligent also means being positive in all things!  It was a fantastic conference!

We also had a wedding this week and I got to see all my ctm district buddies!! It was soo fun!! And I hopefully will get to see them all again soon to get our visas renewed yay!

I also killed it this week in our ward activity night where we had to suck beans through a straw and carry them to another cup across the room. Hehe swimming and singing have payed off haha.
My comp also gave a talk this week and it was so good. She made an analogy with a train of life where everyone that wants to live with Heavenly Father can enter the train, but there are a few stops along the way before we get to the celestial kingdom.  The first stop being baptism, the next being  keeping the commandments, the next fulfilling your calling, the next paying tithing, the next going to church, the last sharing your testimony with others and helping them know of the truths.  At every stop the angel driving the train would say all those who “didn’t share your testimony please leave the train” and so on and so forth at every stop until the last stop  the celestial kingdom.  So with this analogy are we all doing everything in our power to arrive in the celestial kingdom or are we fogetting to do things here and there, are we forgetting to share our testimony with others to help them on the way to the celestial kingdom.  Don’t let those small and simple things go because those are the things that will help us keep on the straight and narrow e chegar la, no celestial kingdom.

Love you all soo much!!! Have a marvelous week!!!!
Sister Neuberger

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