Tuesday, February 20, 2018


This is Sister Neuberger's letter about the passing of her grandmother.

Grandma, you were always so happy in whatever came your way, in any situation you were happy with whatever worked best for everyone else. And doing so, it always seemed to bring you even more happiness. I loved how you were always singing a happy song like "little old lady passing by" or "ABCD..." or just saying "ray." There wasn't a moment when you weren't excited about what was happening in life! You always had a smile on and woah how contagious it was because you knew the plan of salvation is real and that we can be familes forever and because of that you didn't let a moment go by when you didn't share your testimony with others who didn't know. You could talk to anyone anywhere and learn about their whole life in a matter of minutes; an attrubute of loving everyone just like Heavenly Father; an atrubute I hope I can obtain just like you have so well. I loved all your helpful tricks and tips for singing, eating, and for whatever life would bring my way. I'll never forget all those wonderul times we spent together whether it was singing around the piano, baking food, birthday calls, walking in Maplewood, skating, sleeping in the car or just talking about all your fantastic adventures. Every moment spent with you was a wonderful moment never to be forgotten. And I'm so uterly grateful for the opportunity to know that I can have these memories forever not just here on Earth, but also in heaven when we are reunited again for all eternity! I'm so grateful that so long ago you decided to accept the Father's plan and bring the joy of the gospel into your home and becasue of that today I could be fully blessed by the blessings the gospel brings. You have and always will be a marvelous mssionary and I know you are continuing the work in heaven helping us find more of those people ready to hear and accept the joy of the gospel. Because that is exactly what the gospel does it lightens and brightens our lives and all those that are around us. And your light was so strong that anyone you came in contact with it wanted and wondered why your glow was so strong and you didn't hide your light from them not to know. In fact you shared your light so the brightness of more lights could grow. You left a wonderful legacy that will never be forgotten. Like Travis' poem from a long time ago says about the World Trade Center, 9/11 the world stopped turning, well 2/11 your heart stopped beating, but your legacy will live on forever in every child, grandchild, great great grandchild becasue of you we all have the light of the gospel in our lives and that's something that can never be taken and though the pain of losing you is so strong and hard and I wish more than anything I could have been there before you left; I know that I can be with you again real soon. I know that this is where you wanted me to be and you were so happy in learning about my mission and excited that I get this chance to serve because it's something you always wanted to do and in fact did, just without the name tag. I'll keep doing all I can to be with you again one day and try my best everyday to spread my light to everyone that passes my way because I know the greater joy the gospel brings because of a lady, my grandma, who blessed me with the joy of knowing so many years ago. I love you soo incredibly much grandma!! Ate logo!

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