Monday, February 5, 2018

What Will Be Your 4 Minutes

This  week we ate well. One day we ate so much açaí…a lot…three different times in fact hehehe.  And each time it seemed to get  just a little bit bigger.  The first was a little small sampling the next was a little bigger(the size of our blue green red plastic cups at home) and the last one was a large cup (because the member that was treating us to açaí kept telling us to put more and more in our cup haha. If you say so haha).

We also had a the baptism of Mayra this week!! It was wonderful. Soo many people came!!  And her and her kids were all there and then again on Sunday!! It was beautiful!!!

Coolest thing this week we found out that our less active member that has started coming back to church has totally changed his life around from sleeping in till about 12, kind of going to work and living with his girlfriend to now changing his life completely so he can work to go on a mission and now he's back living with his parents till he can head out on a mission!! Coolest news of the week!!

I was thinking about he Olympics this week and I thought of the talk about "What will your 4 minutes be." The talk that was given a few conferences ago.  And I think its such a good thing to think about when it's all said and done how will you be remembered? What will be your legacy?  I think we all want to have a  great legacy and I think that comes when we put our times and talents into serving others.  As we turn outward our lives will become so much better and though time passes by fast we can look back and see that we have done all that we possibly could and we in fact have left the legacy we wanted.  It's one of those things where we worry about it, but in fact we need to not worry about it not even think about it because we need to not even have time to think about it and if we use our time well all will be well and our 4 minutes will be an amazing story!  (sorry writing/thinking fast hope that makes sense)

We also walked home from district meeting not realizing how long the walk was in the hot sun#ridiculouslyburned .

Have a great week!! Love yo all soo much!!

Sister Neuberger

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