Monday, July 24, 2017


Well this week I think I heard Kevin the bird from "Up," and I think he lives next door to our investigator.   Also this week my comp was telling Joici (one of the members) how she wanted music and Joici was like, "Oh I can help with that. Give me a flash drive and I'll give you church music." So we did and now I have a few songs in Portuguese and it is really nice to have some new music. ]

I made a friend in the other ward this week or at least a good acquaintance because she speaks English really well.  She came up to me on Sunday and was like, "Hey I heard you got chicken pox. How are you feeling?" (I think the whole stake knows I got chicken pox. It seems to have been the talk of the town.  "An American got chicken pox." "No way! Seriously!?!?!”)  and then she told me all about how she served in Sao Paulo and one of her comps didn’t speak Portuguese well.  She knew a little English, but because her comp didn’t speak well, she learned English through her comp and she in return helped her comp learn Portuguese.  The girl's name is Abea. The rest of her mission she had a lot of American comps so her English improved with each transfer. 

Isabel is progressing really well.  She is praying that her husband has a softened heart and wants to get married.  But on the plus side her daughter Madilani got baptized this week!!  She was really scared of the water and wouldn’t go in so Abea actually came to the  rescue and talked to Madilani and then sacrificed Sunday clothes and got in the water to show madilani there wasn’t anything to be scared of and then Madilani got in but was still scared to go under the water so then Abea showed her there wasn’t anything to be scared of going under and she went under and came back up and so Madilani was ready to go and got baptized.  We thanked Abea a billion times after ad she said the same thing happened on her mission and it wasn’t trouble at all to help us out. 

While walking to church this week we had this old guy come up to us and ask if he could come with us to church and we were like a yeah sure and so we had him and a few other investigators with us at church it was great! 

Zone conference this week and President talked about how we need to counsel with the Lord and then make goals from our heart and that’s when their will be success in the work.  Which is so true if we counsel with the Lord in what we should do, he will guide us and help us move forward in the right direction. 

I love you guys all so much!!! Thanks for the emails!  Have a superb week!!!

-Sister Neuberger
Alma 32:27

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