Tuesday, November 14, 2017

And Like Dragons They Did Fight

The stadium
This week all the members wanted to give us food.  It was awesome!  We got pizza twice this week and lots of soup and bolo (cake)!! We also tried a delicious cucumber-family fruit.  It was so good!!
And we went to the Castalao stadium last week!! It was so cool!!  We ended up walking around all of it to find the entrance, but the walk was worth it! 

Better than sitting in the Cardinals' dugout!
Sadly our help in working towards getting Irlania and Romoli married this month didn’t work out because Romoli couldn’t get to the cartalou in time to sign papers in preparation for the wedding, but hopefully next month because they are awesome.  The have started reading the Book of Mormon and are using the Bible references too, so they can learn more.  Which is so great!!

We had the baptism of Elias this week at 9:30 Saturday morning and we arrived and the other ward was cleaning the building which means the building was flooded with water and soap. They scrub all the floors and then they just brush all the water out of the building. But anyway we had to walk carefully to where the baptismal font is.  It all worked out and it was a great baptism.  And we even got a kind of inactive member to come and he gave the thought about the Holy Ghost and it was great to see his testimony building as he spoke! 

Elias' baptism
I read in Mosias 20:11 this week about how the Lamanites fought like dragons.  Just picture that for a little they fought like dragons to save their families and homes.  I know we don’t on a day to day bases fight in wars for our lives, but we do fight the adversary everyday as it tries to bring us down and make us make bad choices.  But hopefully we can fight like the Lamanites and fight like dragons when the adversary tries to bring us down because we can do hard things with/through the power of Heavenly Father.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Neuberger

PS Here's a link to the event in the photo above with the eighteen couples being married so that they could then be baptized. Check it out:   Weddings and baptisms

Pizza for dinner!

Accidentally squirted Sister Andre with ketchup. Hehe!

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