Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happiness and Joy

These past two weeks it's mind blowing how much cake I've eaten and the cake just seems to get better and better.  The last slice of cake I ate was chocolate with chocolate sauce on top and creamy coconut filling.  It was amazing!!  Our recent convert Elias and his brother Pedro, who we're teaching, made it for us. 

Creme brulee yogurt
For Thanksgiving I found creme brulee yogurt and green beans. Those seemed kinda thanksgivingy. It was a great Thanksgiving!!

We also had the elders come teach one our four investigators this week as their área closed for a little due to danger in the área.  Anyway Elder Fernades knows a ridiculous amount about the Bible (he's read it 17 times).  Which is great because the guy that we are teaching likes the Bible a lot and with every lesson we've taught him he always wants to know where it is in the Bible and sometimes my comp and I don't exactly know. So it was nice to have back up. However, with this back up it lead to a 3 hour long lesson with our investigator, but it was totally worth it because he accepted the Book of Mormon and was excited to read it and accepted to come to church this Sunday!! 

My sign: No one says it will be easy, but it will be unforgetable
Saturday we helped out again with the weddings of 7 couples and it's always a good time. An awesome miracle happened with one family. The couple getting married both come to church regularly, but only the wife wanted to get baptized. However, the Spirit was so strong during the wedding as our mission president talked about how families can be together forever that after the wedding he asked if he could be baptized as well.  Everyone was so overjoyed and so the elders interviewed him and he was able to get baptized the same day as his wife! SO awesome!!

This made me think a lot about happiness this week and what it means to be truly happy. So often we are worn down with the circumstances of our lives and it's hard to look past the present moment and see that everything will work together in the end and all will be well, but that's something we should always remember. Everything will workout when we chose the right and happiness comes from when we focus on the good in the present and continue to remember everything will be more than okay. It's one moment, second, or day at a time and everything is in the Lord's timing and he will not let us down. We need to always remember to smile like in 2 Nephi 9:39. It's my favorite scripture because it always reminds me to smile because spiritually minded is life eternal and there's no better blessing/goal than that!  And we are here to experience many emotions, but the best emotions come from joy and the love of learning more about the way to live with Heavenly Father and our families for eternity!!

I love you all so much!! And i hope you all have a stupendously spectacular week!!

Sister Neuberger

Christmas is coming!

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