Monday, November 6, 2017


This week was another fabulous week!!! I don’t even know where to begin!  

Well first off we had zone conference this week talking about exact obedience and the way that with exact obedience we will have more blessings. After we had almoco all together and it was a more “American meal” with cheesy potato French fries, brisket, and veggies wrapped in chicken! 
We also got pumpkin bread from Erica and on Halloween, Vera, another member in the ward, gave me candy for Halloween and I gave her candy too because she always asks about Halloween and how  it can work. “ People are just giving out candy?!?”  (that ones for Travis). 

We also got acai this week!! And ice cream because ice cream is delicious!!! And the bank was closed so we didn’t want to make or trip to the bank unworthwhile. My comp and I also had a water/snowball fight from the ice from our fridge.  It was a good time…I totally won.

Halloween care package from Mom!
But the best moments of the week were when Elder Collacao called and asked if we had any families ready for marriage. My comp told him we didn’t, but after she hung up the phone and we walked a little farther down the street I turned to her and said “Dude, we totally have a family ready for marriage!”  A new family that we started teaching with two little boys and the family is so great. They are so open to hear about the gospel and want to know more. So we ran to their house and luckily they were all home.  We told them about how our mission is helping people get married and they were so excited and they started getting the documents they need to send in.  And then this Sunday they all came to church and loved it.  The dad was suppose to leave 30 minutes into sacrament meeting, but he told us how he could stay till after sacrament meeting which was awesome and then he loved sacrament meeting so much that he called in to work so he could say at least one more hour at church!! It was awesome!!! 
If one can't, toucan!

Also Edimilson a recent convert who is about 83 bore his testimony and it was amazing! And in Sunday school Roberto the husband to Liduina, who all just got married and baptized last week, gave the closing prayer and it was so exciting because it was the first time that we had actually heard him give a prayer. He always usually makes us say the prayer when we teach him so it was amazing to hear his testimony in the prayer! 

I really like Alma 29:1-2 for missionary standpoint, but I really like Alma 29:9-10 how we can all be instruments in the Lord's hand to help bring others unto him and we will feel even more joy and those we share it with will also                                                                                                    feel more joy!!
Get it? If one can't, two can! Me and Sister Andre!

I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!!

Sister Neuberger
Everything is better with ice cream!

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