Saturday, July 1, 2017

Come Unto Him and He Will Give You Rest!

June 26, 2017

The kids love me and I really don't know why because I can hardly make a normal sentence, but they love talking to me and that makes me feel good!  This week we ate at a member's house who is learning English and is probably better at speaking English than I am at Portuguese. So he spoke in English and I responded in Portuguese which actually helped so much because he still asks questions like you do in Portuguese which I struggle with. So hearing it in English helps me understand where I'm messing up. 

We have some great investigators progressing this week like Eric and Rosi.  They really want to know for themselves if the Church is true which is amazing!!! Rosi has had a pretty diffucult life, but she really likes the feeling that she gets from reading the pamphlets and praying.  Also Emanuel is this old man who is hilarious and really sarcastic. Andmy comp doesn’t seem to understand sarcasm, so I'm dying of laughter when he says stuff and she thinks he's seriou. It"s hilarious!  She doesn’t like me laughing at her, so then she makes me speak Portugues and then she and Emanuel laugh really hard, but its all good.

I got a cold today and my comp is like, "You NEED medicine!" And I am like, "Noooo!!!" So we'll see if I can hold off on the medicine because the pills here seem to be huge and I don’t think I could swallow that. 

This week I read about the atonement in "Our Search for Happiness." It talked about a couple verses in Matthew 11:28-30 that are great!! We need to come unto Christ, and he will give us rest and make our burdens light.  I know he has helped me so much on my mission as I keep working to learn Portuguese and to have people understand what I'm saying.  He is there to help. 

Love you all so much!! Have a super duper week!!!

Sister Neuberger
Matthew 11:28-30

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