Monday, July 24, 2017

No More Chicken Pox

Happy birthday Shelby!! and I hope you all got a Slurpee for 7/11 day!! 

Well we still spent half the week in our house to make sure the poxs were all gone, but on Thursday we got out and it was sooo nice to get out!!!!

Our investigator Isabel is amazing!!! She is hoping that she can get married to her boyfriend really soon so she can get baptized, but as she waits for that her daughter is getting ready for baptism next week!!  You can see how much the light of the gospel is showing in Isabell's eyes. She wants to change and make sure she's doing all that she can to live with Heavenly father again.  And she understands the importance about marriage and I got to  bear my testimony about how I know that families can be together forever in our latest lesson.

Which I am so happy that I have the opportunity to  live with my family forever because I love them so much!!!!  I know I have to do all that I can in this life, but as I do the Lord will help me with the rest if I fully rely on him.  Or as my mom would say with the acronym: F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God!

I never thought how strange it is to move away from our family when we are older or at least in other cultures its looked on as strange.  I told my comp how my brothers live in other states and she thought that was the strangest thing. 

Anyway I love you all sooo much!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!

Sister Neuberger
D+C 123:17

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