Saturday, July 1, 2017

We Are Nothing Without the Lord

June 19, 2017

We are nothing with out the Lord and he has given me companions that actually speak the language.  I had two people this week tell me I should just stop trying to learn Portuguese, but on the plus side, only one of them told me to go back to the States.  So this week we had divisions and my comp for the day was sister Santos who is from Sao Paulo and is super nice and is learning English and it's probably better than my Portuguese. She's been out a year and I learned so much from her as we taught Emanuel about the Word of Wisdom. Somehow in the middle of the lesson it kind of changed to the restoration, but that’s when the spirit really was so strong and everyone could feel it and Emanuel stood up and was like, "Well I believe all of that, so if not drinking coffee is what God asks of me then I will do it." And then he went into his house and proceeded to throw all of his coffee out. AMAZING!!! Such a cool experience to be a part of!!!  Sister Santos also is a lot more calm than my comp now who's a little dramatic about everything.  

Anyway, so we had a stake missionary meeting at the stake center and we were told the wrong time and got there an hour early, so we couldn’t go back because by the time we got back we would have to leave. So we did the only thing we could; we went to the ice cream place next to the church!! BEST DAY EVER!!! She was like, "I know this is probably stressing you out a little, so I'm going to buy to ice cream." And I was like, "Oh, okay. Well thank you sooooooooo much!!!"  And she somehow just knew I love Oreo and that’s what she bought me!!  And then at the meeting well after the meeting the president bought us all pizza!!! So it was a great day!!! And so much spiritual growth that we are nothing without the Lord, but with the Lord we can do all things!!!  Moroni 7:33

I'm a little sad that I don’t get to go back to my old area this transfer because all those people are amazing and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to them and they are also going to the temple this week and I would ABSOULUTLY LOVE TO GO!!!!!  But its all good. I'll just keep working on my Portuguese so I can at least teach people about the temple.

In other news, one of the elders in my district got chicken pox and with one day left on his mission. Rough way to end the mission but hes working through it.

We also had 12 youth come running up to us in the street this week because they love us. And they love talking to me and asking me about English. So we were like, "Hi! Can we teach you this amazing message we have and then answer all your English questions." And they were like, "Okay!!!"  So that was also another awesome experience for the week!

Emanuel and Bruno both got baptized this week!!! So great and they are both so excited about it!!!
Ohh and I alsoigot to feed a monkey a banana and I didn’t have my camera sadly, but I did have it when we placed out bread for them. Not as cool, but still exciting none the less. 
Anyway have a fantastically fabulous week!!

Sister Neuberger
Moroni 7:33

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